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Spring is here and I'm considering a new bike.

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How much do you think I should ask for this setup:

1999 Specialized FSR Elite (Big Hit) Frame - (MaxBackbone frame) in good condition
2001 JR T fork
Fox Vanilla R shock
BETD swing link - 6" travel in rear
Full XT drivetrain
Hayes Hydraulic Disc brakes (6" rotors)
2001 FSA PigDH Headset (brand spankin' new)
RaceFace SYStem stem (120x15 degree)
Profile (90x15 degree stem)
DTSwiss ONYX disc hubs laced to Sun RhynoLite rims (14 gauge & brass nipples)
Specialized Stout disc hubs laced to Mavic 223 rims
Atomic Trail Pimp platform pedals
MAXXIS Highroller 2.5 front tire and MOFO DH 2.35 rear tire
Thompson Elite seatpost
Bonty Race day saddle
Specialized specialrise bars
ODI dual density grips

I know the general rule of thumb is about half of purchasing price, but I've pieced this bike together for so long that I couldn't even begin to calculate it's value.

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Gill, you just built that thing up in the fall. Now you want to ditch it? What's wrong, you don't like pushing 30lbs around?
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JohnH - You guessed it! I am tired of trying to ride a (now) 36+ pound bike on XC stuff. The hills are killing me. I will miss the ease of decent of that beast though. It's just point and go, no worrys about running over stuff.

Gonz - I'll tell you what, when you come out bring the WTB SST and if you like my saddle, we can swap. I have to warn you that the saddle is a bit beaten up. I have a Terry Fly (titamium race) on the bike currently, but I'm keeping that sucker for the new bike.

Yeah, I looked long and hard at the Switchblade, but I don't like the interrupted seattube. I like to be able to drop my seat way down when dropping into techie stuff and I can't do that with an interrupted seat tube. The bike I'm looking at right now is the Ellsworth Truth. Great bike! Awesome lifetime frame warrenty!!

The parts pick would be:
Marzocchi Z3 100 or Manitou X-Vert Air
Fox Float-R shock (also considering Stratos Helix, but not sure if I want coil)
Full XT drivetrain
King Headset
either King Discotec hubs laced to 319s or Mavic CrossMax disc (depends on funds)
Monkey Lite bar
Thompson Elite stem and seatpost
Hayes Hydraulic disc brakes

I agree with your assessment of how to sell the bike, and I was planning on switching stems for the sale. I already have the Onyx/Rhyno Lites on it.

Thanks Guys!!!
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I saw the write up on the Black forks, but have heard that the reverse arch can cause clearance problems when running larger tires (I plan to run a 2.1 and ride in typically MUDDY conditions). I'd hate to constantly pack my fork out with mud.

Other than the clearance issue, they look awesome. Since they will be the newest thing out there, the price will be high. The up side of that is that the price of "older" forks like the X-Vert Air will drop!!!<FONT size="1">

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