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If your skis could talk what would they say? - Page 2

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"Just follow me"

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"Can we go out West again?  PLEASE!!!!"

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Originally Posted by dmourati View Post

Volkl Mantra 184s: "SCHNELL"

Was reading the thread and wondering what my Mantra 184s would say, and you may be right...

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Take 2 weeks off... Then quit.

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Well, after 3 straight February trips of wrecking the bases of my skis due to rocky and subpar base, and are always followed by being taken to the shop, a coreshot was finally fulfilled this past trip at Squaw in late February (fyi, conditions while I was there - hitting rocks or some other obstacle during each mogul on some runs, especially Headwall (Sunbowl to CII) ). so I'm thinking, something along the lines of:


"God damn it. No more skiing me in February. Final."

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"Get me out of Nebraska - no, seriously."

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You dont deserve me.

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Please retire me and buy some new boards.

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We have a strong platonic relationship going

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Thanks for finally taking me out (196 Lhasa Pows)

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I am so much better than you.  Go faster you dolt!  Schnell!

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My skis say.......

C'mon Trek!  Shake those head games and make that snow your B!tch!!!

Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

mine wrote a letter....


Dear Finndog, your injury was of no fault of ours (at least the other pairs not being used that day) and we subsequently have not contributed to your lack of ability to ski. As such, we are requesting to be immediately traded bartered or sold to someone who can use us intended.  We just ask that you not send us to the Tahoe region......biggrin.gif




I know someone who can keep them company for you. 




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Salomon Guns: "Could you just go around the rock instead of hucking over it this tim..... AAAAHHHH!!!"


Salomon 1080 Foils: "I used to be your favorites. Now you just use me to beat on. GAH! That was ANOTHER 4 year old running over my tails! Enough already!"


Dynastar Contact 10s: "Was that the sound barrier? Sweeet."


Burton Mayhem: "Did you forget that you snowboard, too? It's getting kinda lonely up here on the wall..."

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Kästle SGs: "Harder! Faster!"

Volant Machete Gs: "Keep that rhythm up!"

Völkl P50s: "Don't be so burtal!"

Fischer WC SCs: "Do it again! Do it again!"

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Tune me!

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Is that a flat file...please, no, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY EDGES!!! IS THAT A HANDRAIL???

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Citius, Altius, Fortius!

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