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I am intrigued by idea of the the 3 piece shell, light weight, and easy entry/exit of the Full Tilt boots.  I know that mail ordering boots is not the best way to buy boots but there is no one locally that stocked the the First Chair and the nearest dealer is almost two hours away so I took a chance and ordered a pair figuring that return shipping would be cheaper than the gas to drive the nearest dealer to try on one of their soft park boots.  It showed up today and ended up with a box of disappointment.  I've worn several brands of boots over the years and always in a 27.5 but the First Chair feels very short and the shell size seems to agree with that.  Do these tend to run small?  I assumed the First Chair would probably be too narrow with its 99mm last but after trying on a friend's Classic I thought it might be worth a chance.  I figured if it were just a little snug I wouldn't have an issue paying someone to work on the boot.  The other issue I ran in to is the it wasn't just a little too short or a little too narrow, I could barely get the top two buckles closed and there was no way the lower buckle was going to close.  I would try the High Five but it appears the stiffest tongue you can get for the wider boots is the 6 and I know from trying on my friend's Classics that its too soft.  Anyone have any insight to offer?