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Tecnica Boots 2012

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Looking at upgrading my 10 yr old boots and went to bootfitter and I'm now comparing the Technica Bonafide freeride boot (110) with the Technica Demon 110.


Other than the last difference 98 (bonafide) vs 100 (demon), is there a performance reason either technical/specifications-wise that I should go for one vs the other? 


I have tried on both, and though the demon 110 fits me ever so slightly better, my foot can certainly handle a 98 or 100 last. 

In a vacuum, I would just rather have the "better" boot


I'm about a 7/10 skier.  Can and do handle all terrain.  Only ski 10-12 days a year.

Do not have any hiking/skinning considerations.



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about the same other then the 98 vs 100.  go narrower as the boot can be made wider if needed.

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