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Lange RX 130 Pro sizing - worried I went too big

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About me:


Age 28, 170lbs, 5ft 11, expert very aggressive skier born/raised/living/skiing in Aspen, CO. Lately, I clock around 80 days/season. My ski quiver tends to be on the very long/fat end of the spectrum


I have been on the RX 130 pro (the low volume ones with the 97mm last) for about 10 ski days and they have been stupidly good straight out of the box with absolutely no customization or work done of any kind other than breaking them in for a day or two (I put in my old footbeds but took them out after one run and put the stock ones in. No punches/grinding yet, stock liners, etc)


However, I am worried that the shell may be too big once the liners pack out (which they already seem to be doing a little bit).


Both of my feet measure 274mm and I am in a 27.5 shell (as bootfitters I'm sure you are aware that these boots are sized in half sizes ie 25.5, 26.5, 27.5 and so on)


This is consistent with the Lange chart I saw which says that the longest foot that should be in the 26.5 shell is 270mm, but when I got sized for these boots the shop guys told me that if I wanted a very high performance fit that I could fit into the 26.5 with quite a bit of punching and grinding work. They did not have a 26.5 RX 130 on hand but I did put my foot into a 26.5 RS shell and it was crazy tight. According to the Lange chart, I have 21mm of room in the 27.5 shell and 11mm in the 26.5 shell although the 26.5 felt much tighter than that.


So I guess my question is, given everything I have stated above, what size RX130 pro shell would you put me in if I walked into your shop? The shop that sized me really left it up to me saying I could go either way between the 26.5 and 27.5 - when I ordered the 26.5s were sold out so that made my decision that much easier but I can still return the boots and get a full refund if they are not going to be ideal. Also for reference, the boots I have been on for the past 4.5 seasons were a Nordica 27 shell so going to the 26.5 would be sizing down.

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More than 15mm is too big for a "expert very aggressive skier" (or any one who wants control) performance fit.  With about 15 to 20 days of skiing you will have to tighten down on the shell and the old foot will go to sleep.



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go smaller,

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all about tolerances, 11mm shell check is great for some people but too tight for others, however if you are an aggressive skier looking for a performance fit it is most definitely the direction i would be going

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Awesome boot, but an absolute welly after 30 or so days skiing. 

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I don't know why we are working from charts and not just talking about the view from the shell fit, but that said 21mm is nearly an inch which definitely is big.



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