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The lifties were in a state for a while over child safety. A friend and I were getting on a four and the liftie asked us to take two six year old kids, the two kids in the middle, my friend and I book ends. long story short, one kid made a mistake loading and rolled under the chair reaching for a pole. The liftie put him back on the chair and as we started, the other kid says to me: he had to learn a lesson. wow. harsh.  we raised our eyebrows.

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A moderator should remove this thread. What started out as a good point of discussion has become just plain silly.

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I always invite people to jump on with me, soo..... I really don't even understand the notion to "wanting your own chair"...  But what the hell do I know, I'm just a person...  

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He dissed my elevator analogy! Off with his head!


Seriously though, banff, while the standards have changed, Epicski was characterized in the past as a source of family friendly ski related content. Please use language you wouldn't mind your mom and/or your daughter hearing from your mouth.


I take my backpack off before squeezing into a crowded elevator and WoW that backpack stinks and the sweat soaked shirt I'm wearing under it of course acquires the odor. I turn my back to you and push in until there's room for the doors to close. If you don't like it, use the stairs. If you don't want my massive thighs  and gluts pressed against yours on the chairlift, take a hike.


The next time I'm on a double with a stranger, I'm going to put my arm across the  top of the chair back. You know that move? Haha! 

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Lift line what?

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Originally Posted by Skierish View Post

2 things:


1) How do you know BG doesn't have an even worse potty-mouth around dear 'ol Ma and/or any young'un he's sired and has actually cleaned it up for us perfect strangers???


2) I'll see your "arm across the top of the chair back" move and raise you slipping my hand between the legs of the dude next to me and gently caressing his inner thigh.  Of course, it would be nothing more than merely a thoughtful gesture to help alleviate any thigh-burn the poor guy may be suffering from, and I'm sure it would quite the hit!  eek.gif


1) Don't use names you wouldn't call your parole officer to his face?


2) Massage is always good. :)


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Not sure if it's an American thing or what, but the personal space/homophobic (because it's always "anther guy", no one said they wouldn't cozy up to a hot chick) thing is getting a bit out of hand. Lift chair is pretty big, even filled to capacity it's not that tight unless the other guy weights like 300. You guys ever took the subway or bus during rush hour?

Other parts of the world I've been to doesn't care that much about it.
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Well I'm not sure how we as the moderation team missed this one for so long. This is being locked. All I have to say to a few of you is nonono2.gif and also to expect some PMs in the near future. 

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I have deleted a number of posts here.  Continued profanity, insults, threats towards other members in posts on Epicski will earn time-outs without warning.  This mess was totally over the top.

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