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Okemo help needed

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We're mostly western skiers, hubby and wife prefer groomed blacks.  First timers for a long weekend in Okemo next weekend.

Any tips for us?  Also where is the best happy hour on mountian?
Thanks !

We're staying at Jackson Gore lodge.

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Okemo is mostly groomed blues.  Their blacks will ski like blues to you as well.  Jackson Gore is separate from the main mountain and you have to ride a lift to ski there; so for happy hour you will be at Jackson Gore...unless you decide to head into town.  JG's lobby bar is a fun place to hang out, especially if you have kids as you can order desserts like smores and eat them in front of the fireplace.  They do have other bars and sometimes happy hour entertainment in the lodge part of Jackson Gore.  I have stayed there a few times... They have a large deck with hot tubs and a big heated pool so bring your bathing suits.

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They have a shuttle that can take you to different lodges at the mountain, but I think Jackson Gore is your best bet anyway for Happy Hour.


As far as groomed blacks, Jackson Gore is definitely the most challenging area on the mountain, but it's mostly bumped up or glades.  Vortex/Quantum Leap is probably the only groomed run over there.

Moving our to Solitude, Exhibition is a nice steep groomer that runs under the lift.  The rest in this area are groomed blues.

If you move even further left, Chief, World Cup, and Defiance are all fun groomed blacks that run back to the Northstar Express.

Lastly, on the South Face, you can check out Blind Faith and Stump Jumper (I'm pretty sure both of these are groomed at this point).


Thank should cover most of your best bets.  As crank mentioned, Okemo isn't much of a groomed black type of mountain, but really heavy on the blue cruisers.  




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