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Scuba anyone?

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Anyone in CA or traveling through that wants to do some diving?
I'm up for a diving trip to Monterey!
Or maybe a Abalone diving off the north coast.<FONT size="1">

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Abalone diving? Where do you do that?

Als, have you heard of the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club? I think you'd like their offerings. If you haven't, you should check it out...

They have some great adventures.
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Ab diving anywhere north of San Francisco/marin county line.
I usually head up to salt point or that area.
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my favorite dive spots are right off the farallons. i make it a point to roil some chum in the water before i go in. ya get to see some big fishies.
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Hey all. Not much diving in CO, used to dive the Channel Islands a lot when I lived in Ventura, CA. Anyway. I need to plan our next dive trip. we go 2X's a year. Criteria besides the diving of course is that we be able to get there in a day. That’s not so easy from here. We are thinking of the BVI's 1st stop St. John then puddle jump to one other island. 10 days total Any ideas? Oh I have enough miles on Delta for the Carribean or South America, will probably try to use them.

Have been to:
Cozumel - 5 times
Belize 2 times
Bay Inlands Honduras
St. Lucia
St. Croix, (not know for diving but one of our best trips)
Florida Keys
Jamaica (free trip diving was awful)
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St. John is beautiful.
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Hey skiminker more please. where did you stay any reccomendations? did you dive when you were there?
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My dad lives in St. Thomas and I spent many vacations on St. Croix as a child, but since he's a local, we stayed with friends. I could try to get you some info with a quick phone call to him.

What specifics do you want to know?
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Was quite pleased with Bali diving last year. Some amazing stuff. The strait between Bali and Nusa Lembongan is great driving, though go with an outfit that knows the area. (Plenty to choose from.) The current through there is considerable. Anyway, enjoy your off-season.

edit: whoops. sorry, as for as getting to Bali in a day, forget it. (Humoungous freakin' flight. Oh well, maybe oneday....) <FONT size="1">

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skiminker will let you know what help I need when we finally decide on location.

BTW we loved St. Croix, one of the friendliest places we have been! Diving was great too!
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Any of you ever do cenote diving in Akumal, Mexico? Is is beyond incredible! We dove with the DeRosa's in South Akumal and can't wait to go again.

Anyone dive Devil's Throat in Cozumel? Definately a must do if your dive master will sign off. I love Cozumel too!<FONT size="1">

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Hi hunter. Have done devils throat 2X. First time my hubby kicked off my mask in the "throat". Trying to find it in that space freaked me out! Had to do it again so I could enjoy it.

Also have been fortunate enough to do Barracuda, if you have not done it get your dive master to take you! Great dive, does not get a lot of boats due to the distance. You will have to pay extra but well worth it.

Would like to dive the cenotes, have never had the opportunity. I have printed out your dive operator for the next trip to Cozumel. If I cannot get it together to plan a big trip soon we will have to go for a long weekend. Needing to blow some bubbles!

Perhaps some of the bears would be up for quick trip?
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