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Any Archers out there?
3d and target only for me. no hunting.
Just curious if anyone else shares this interest.
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Dchan, I'm an archer, primarily a hunter, Use a 60" Black Widow custom recurve @50# with cross hair sights. Haven't pulled a bow in over a year though. Used to keep them in 2" at 20 yds 4 to 5" at 30. I'll have to get back to it after my shoulder is fixed.<FONT size="1">

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That's great shooting for a recurve. Hat's off to you.

I'm a wimp. Shoot a Martin Cougar MagnumII 55lbs full target, 8x scope and stabilizers. only 50% letoff wheels though, No cams..
at 20 yrds With all the advantages of the compound and sight/release I am almost stacking my arrows. At 60 yrds the group grows to about 4" on a good day with a stray arrow thrown in from time to time. <FONT size="1">

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Dchan, no wimps in any sports we participate in for fun, just different strokes. I may have to try 3d sometime. It looks like a lot of fun, though I may be at a disadvantage with the arched trajectory of a recurve. I'm not that good at range estimation and used a range finder to various reference oints when hunting. I used to shoot a Screaming Eagle compund, but got back to basics. I like blackpowder and old time cowboy action shooting too. Been thinking of registering the alias China Doc Eng with the SASS. A play on words that reflects our heritage there was a Chinese folk medicine practitioner in eastern oregon by the name of Eng. He was highly respected by both the Asian and Caucasian folks in that area.

Keep the skis turning and shoot straight.

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I used to compete in Field archery, but i don't have the time to put into it to still be competitive at past levels. I have not drawn my Oregon in a year and a half, maybe get back into it soon. I would rather buy a nice recurve at this point. Used to do a fair bit of hunting, but since moving to the west I have not bothered. I figure when i am older and more broken down i will get back to shooting, when i can't play hockey, ball etc.,
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Let's see, Field archery would be the big round targets at 60,50,40 If I remember correctly. It's been a long time since I competed in that as well. In a 600 round last year (first time I shot in 10 years) I somehow managed to shoot 573) I was shocked. I guess it's like riding a bicycle. You don't forget. My arms were killing me later though. Too bad your muscles don't remember too. Good think it wasn't a 900/600. I don't think I would have lasted through a 900 at that time let alone follow it with a 600. The guys that organized the shoot are all in the 50-60 year or older so they decided to go easy on us.

Those recurve archers amaze me.
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I shot using a compound hunting setup, short stabilizer and 5 immoveable pin sites. we shot various targets from 10 - 80 yards. I think it was 20 targets and 5 arrows each target. At national and worlds the target layouts went field (black white black bull) Hunter (all black white bull) and then animal targets. The organization in the US was the NFAA, probably the same guys you shoot 3D with etc.,
They are great tournaments to shoot in.
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