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Well, the snow at Whitewater is adequate, so I managed to drag myself out of bed for the second day in a row to do a few turns.


Base this morning was 106". Only 7.5 inches in the last 24 hours, so it's barely worth the trip. I might be able to find a stash or two, especially since Whitewater has had over 36" in the last week. It was pretty decent yesterday, so off I go to the ski area.


This is ski-in, ski-out lodging at Whitewater. A nice log lodge with a crackling fire...well, maybe not. At least it has Magic Marker logs. And a chimney. And the price is right!





It was the Coldsmoke Powderfest this weekend. The exhibitors are starting to get their tents set up at 8:00 a.m.


120226Vendor Tents.jpg


The demos were free, so you could try out the rockers and early rise skis you've heard so much about.


There was supposed to be a retro contest of some kind going on, but at Whitewater, these guys are just dressed the same as they dress every day they ski. rolleyes.gif  All you people with them fancy new Go-Pro helmet cams - take a look at this. This is how REAL skiers do POV video! biggrin.gif That's an honest-to-god VHS camera up there! And it works. Now, where's that old tape player?




I suppose I might as well do some skiing. There's still plenty of powdery pillows at quarter to 10.




They're soft. Really. Just blow through them.


Here's Dave getting some nice turns in Trash Chutes.










Yes, there is still plenty of powder and it's almost lunch time!


A little fog rolls in, but Sam does his thing.







And here's my next line. It's 2:30 in the afternoon, I'm tired, and this is just a couple of hundred feet from one of the main groomers.


120226Afternoon Powder.jpg


It's been skied up a little (by me) and it's still knee deep.


I guess it was worth getting out of bed this morning.


What was that you were saying about the great amenities at a big destination ski area? This is an amenity!