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36 in 36

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36 inches(well maybe more) in 36 hours. IT also feel at super low temps and got even colder, stupid light blower snow. this is how it started


My buddy Kevin took all these photos, thanks again Kevin for being photo guy.


Being that it was a weekend day at the end of presidents week the resort got hammered very quickly, also take into account most people have though there has been no good skiing this year so tons of people showed up. 


Remember I do not get to ski more powder than you because its snow more in stowe...well that might be true. I get more powder because I am willing to work hard and longer than just about anyone with a smile on my face.




but lots of people were willing to work today, I have never seen this spot with this many tracks but to be fair quite often you can ski any of this...




but those that were willing to work and be smart about well that got you some of the best turns of your life




Trust me when I say this, this was the best snow I have ever seen. It wasnt the deepest or the lightest but it was fast, light but not so light you couldnt push against it. Lake effect is amazing.




Pretty much the best day ever, and I seem to have lots of those because well its true.



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Local Ripper and Elan Pro Matt Roberts choked on it down the Hourglass.


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We've had 35" of new snow in the last 40 hours at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

The last 2 days may have been my best 2 ski days...ever!  Face shots galore!  Laughing out loud stoke!

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Best we could find this weekend......



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Originally Posted by Mr. Vertical View Post

Best we could find this weekend......



no offense  but what are you showing? cell pictures of a cat and open bowl.If your trying out stoke me, out stoke me. If you going to out stoke me, out stoke me it would at least keep me more entertained than that.

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     Sorry  Sony Cyber Shot. Grand County Colorado. Lots of wind, sky was changing every 15 mins.

Said  it was the best we could do for this past weekend. Better then getting scanned at the local hill. If we were out to Out Stoke ,we would have rode the Sleds in 6 more miles :)


Your Bud takes some nice photos! Crisp!


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Video from this weekend. Watch in HD! You may have to go to the Vimeo page to do that though.


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Ha! My stoke's deeper than your stoke! smile.gif   upforair.jpg


(Just bust'in your chops Josh. There's great skiing all over the world. Glad you had a piece of it!)

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