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What boot did I buy?

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Last year I bought what were listed as Full Tilt Bumblebee boots on eBay. They are like new with very little evidence of wear. The boot is black with yellow tongue. The black shell is clearly a Full Tilt 318mm with branding printed on the shell and power strap. The liner is a Full Tilt Intuition with all the proper branding. The confusion is the tongue is imprinted Flexon Comp 9-10.5 and the removable hard plastic boot board is stamped FLEXON 9. Both are in equally like new condition. A Full Tilt dealer tells me Full Tilt NEVER used any old Flexon parts but it makes no sense that an owner would replace those two Flexon parts in a new FT boot. It's no big deal but it sure seems strange to see two sets of parts purportedly made decades apart.

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Tongues get swapped on those boots all the time. The original owner probably just wanted a tongue of a certain stiffness.

Was the Full Tilt boot supposed to come with a soft boot board?


Do all the Full Tilt parts say Full Tilt on the inside or do they have the markings from the old Raichle molds?


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