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advice on new boots

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I have been skiing for many years with purple Salomon E9.2 equipe integral boots. The inner shoe is wearing out and I think the time has come to replace those amazing boots. I always postponed this because of the great fit they had.


I ski everywhere with Elan SL skis (short for moguls, great carve, a bit softer then the slx (I weight 60kg), fat enough for me for deep snow)

What boots do you guys advice ?



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The only advice is to get yourself to a good boot fitter and let them guide you through the process, boots have changed a good bit since the integral, so suggesting a model to try is pointless as we dont have your feet available to view

Be an educated consumer if you are not going to a fitter that you know, read the wiki at the top of the forum which boot will work for me this will give you lots of information about what to expect and how a boot should fit
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thanks for pointing me to the list!

any advice on the  Tecnica Phoenix 100 Air Shell  ? It seems a good fit as it's a Thermo modular hiperfit innershoe + the airbags to fine tune.

Is this air shell a gimmick or does it work and will it last?




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it works and lasts, but ballons dont hold there shape that well.  best to make sure that the shell fits and fine tune it a BIT with the airbags.

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so better ignore the balloon-thing and use it as a regular boot...?

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get a boot that fits you, and if it has am air shell, and if you need the air shell, great.  but that is LOW on the list.

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Impossible to advise on fit of a boot without seeing your foot in the shell.  You need to get to a good shop and let them guide you.



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