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Which ski/ski length? Demoed Rossi Z73 and 8SL

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Hey folks

First time here, but I've been reading this site like a madman to absorb so much new information. Thanks for putting up so many stuff.

I've just beginning ski this winter in Czech Republic for the first time (Im 6ft, 200 lbs, late twenties), but Im taking it  extremely serious to learn. After 10 days of skiing, couple of classes, several hours of instruction videos in youtube, I believe Im between level 5 and 6. I can tackle blue and reds (as long as they are not crowded, so I prefer morning runs), and Im somehow a slow skier (not really into faling hehe). I can control my speed solely on turns, but I dont spend much time pointed to the fall line, as I dont want to gain much speed (although I see this is kinda tiring me sometimes, I should let go more, I reckon)

As a gear freak and as someone with big calves/large foot, first thing I did was to get some Atomic Live Fit 90 boots, to make the pain, numbness and cramps part with my ski days.

I am a slow skier, I dont have the need for speed, my main objectives would be to keep up with my I-ski-since-I-was-a-kid friends and tackle an occasional ungroomed black and be able to head for Austria for some bigger runs/resorts. My main concern in a ski is comfort and having fun, and as I dont want to spend too much, yes Im searching for the one ski quiver :)

The pistes in here are usually with slushy snow (some days powdery as it snows so much), but they have the bad habit of ending in very hard ice packed steep grooms, pretty much everywhere, even the blues.

After so many days renting whatever generic 167cm low radius skis I could find, this weekend I tried a Rossignol demo center instead, with chance of getting some newer and more well maintained skis. I am in doubt regarding models and length.

I tried (as recommended by the demo center people):

- Rossignol Z72 Carbon: 170cm, 120-72-100, R15
It feels good in the mountain, specially when there was a lot of snow, but I felt insecure in the icy hard pack section, dont know exactly why, probably the length

- Rossignol 8SL WorldCup: 165cm, 124-70-112, R12
This one was very fun, much better on the icy region, ok in the rest of the mountain.
Despite saying its a racing ski, it says in the Rossi page that its more recreational and I feel it didnt take so much energy from me

Both were carving nicely, in my slow speeds.

I liked the 8SL 165cm, and I see I get along better with smaller skis (for my height I read mostly aroud 173-175, but Im not comfy with those sizes). I see the shortcomings of getting a ski like this, that will only perform well in hard packed groomed slopes, but so far it was one of the best I tried.

So any tips? Ski length, waist? Should I stick with something very carving groomed oriented small ski? Or get something bigger all mountain (even like the Atomic blackeye, 82 mm waist)? I just dont see myself buying 2 ski pairs (must... avoid... gearfreakness...). Also want to buy something that I will not have to part soon, and helps me improve, ir forgiving, doenst require a lot of effort/energy and can perform well in various scenarios, and of course not too expensive. Not the simplest requirements, I know.

I see people and sites recommending 175 for me, but I must say that my best days are with 167 or 168 skis. I see I need to work harder with a longer ski. But maybe its my newbieness

Please recommend models at will, I will try to demo more different models next weekend :)


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