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Pain on the side of the leg/ankle?

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When I'm strapped into my boots, I get a pain on the left side of my left ankle/leg (more towards the front than the back.)  It's fairly high up (around the top of the top of the boot and extending down from there.)  It feels like it could be a bruise.  It's been getting worse and it's quite a strong pain.  I left the hill early today as a result.


When I'm back at home, it's not that bad.  It doesn't appear to be linked to any particular movement although if I point my toes down (when I'm not in my boots,) I can get it to twinge.


I'm not here to get medical advice - that's what doctors and physiotherapists are for.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and if you were able to discover what caused it or how to fix it.  I went to a store and they seemed a little surprised that the pain was on the side of my ankle - I think they more commonly see pain on the front of the shin.


Is it possible to have boots too tight or is it more likely that they were too loose and I banged it? Any other ideas?


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It's possible that either part of the boot plastic or part of the tongue is pressing on the sore spot. You may be able to trim the plastic or rearrange the tongue so it doesn't press there. Post your question on the bootfitter forum and include the year and model of the boot.
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+1 for posting with the Pros. In the meantime:


You can take a bit of zinc cream or some other thing that will leave a mark, even toothpaste.


Put it on the place that hurts, then put your foot into the shell (liner out) and repeat for the liner alone and bend into ski stance and go side to side like you were turning. See where it marks the shell and/or liner and see if there is anything there that may be pushing into your leg to cause pain. It's surprising what little a thing can cause pain over the course of a day.


This was done for me once years ago (Double  Diamond Sports in Vail) and lo and behold, there was a small hard plastic logo piece embedded in the liner right at the mark and the shell had a sharp corner again at the mark. they ground the shell (you can do this with a file) to round it out. I cut out the plastic logo and my boots were fine from then on.



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Thanks for those responses.  I will take a closer look at the boot.  Because it is only on my left leg, I figured that it probably wasn't a problem with the design of my boot and may have been an injury of some type.


I have also now cross posted this question to the Boot Fitting forum:

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Saw a physio today.  Looks like it is a muscle sprain.

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I saw a physio a number of times last season for this issue. He basically said it was some type of muscle or tendon problem. It was on the front/outside of my left leg at about boot height. The coincidental location had me wondering if it was some type of a problem with my boot fit (bruise, stress fracture, etc.)

I ended up taking it very easy at the end of the season. I stayed active with other activities over the summer (hiking primarily,) and I'm now just getting ramped up for this season.

I've been out three times and I can start to feel the pain coming back already mad.gif. Right now I'd describe it more like a bit of tightness or very low grade pain that will most likely escalate to pain. I feel it in the days after skiing. I can feel it right now.

I need to figure out a set of stretches and strengthening exercises ASAP. Any ideas? It's in a funny spot and I have no idea what types of motions will target that muscle or tendon.
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Just posting into from my own research: It seems like a Heel Walking exercise would be helpful for this muscle group.
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