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Putting a quick feeler out for interest in either of these skis.  Looking at purchasing 2 new pairs if I can find quick interest in these.  DON'T WANT TO BUY THE NEW PAIRS IF I DON'T HAVE THESE SOLD, SO PRICED FOR QUICK SALE!


 1.) 2010 Stockli Stormrider VXL 169cm mounted with Salomon Z12 Ti bindings (309 BSL)  -  These skis have less than 1 full day of skiing on them.  Bought them from Scott (Dawgcatching) when someone traded them for another set.  Original mount was way forward, so Scott's shop remounted the bindings at the standard/proper mounting point.  I have literally not taken them out of the closet, so still less 1 full day on them ... topsheet, bases and edges as close to new as it gets!  $399 SHIPPED TO CONUS.


 2.) 2010 Hart Phoenix, 174cm mounted with FX12 demo bindings.  These were a demo pair from Forerunner Ski Shop in Killington.  Topsheets have typical demo wear marks/scrapes, but no big chips or gouges.  Bases and edges in good shape with no core shots or P-tex repairs.  $299 SHIPPED TO CONUS.


PM me with any questions.