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helmet painting

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I have two black helmets. I'm tired of black. Any suggestions on the proper technique for painting a ski helmet? Should it be sanded? Does it require primer before the color coat?

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Seriously? Just buy a different color helmet

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Not rocket science or ski specific. Go to hardware store and ask how to paint plastic. The prep depends on the paint you pick
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Rock an airbrush.  Like a goalie helmet in hockey. wink.gif

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Life's to short to not have fun with your ski equipment.roflmao.gif This is what I did with my helmet which was really boring before I made a few modifications.116.JPG117.JPG

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That helmet looks great.


bumpfreaq is a helmet painter, along with skis and who knows what else.  I'm planning to paint my helmet also. Car paint, airbrush and HVLP is the route I'm taking but he has great results using the stuff grafitti artists use out of a can.

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