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Northstar 2/25 and 2/26

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I'm going to be skiing Northstar 2/25 and 2/26. If anybody's around reply to this thread and we'll setup a place and time. I'm about a level 7, I think and will be working on some drills I learned from the forum, but am happy to ski with anybody. I'll have on a red Spyder jacket with yellow leather gloves, black ski pants.

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FairtoMiddlin, LivingProof and myself will be up there tomorrow. I will be leaving buy 11:30, but will look for you. I will be in DNA a yellow jacket, blue pants & blue helmet. 

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There will be a pretty big gang of Bears out there on Sunday.  Shall we pick a meet up time and place? 

Like Zephyr lodge 9 AM?


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Sunday zephyr lodge 0900 sounds good to me! I'll be outside the lodge around 1000 today.
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I'll shoot philpug a text to let him know.  He, Fairto Middlin and LIvingproof are there today.  

I guess the 2012 EpicSki Gathering has officially Kicked off!!!


Someone should ask FairtoMiddlin about this. 

There's a story here, but its best told in person.  roflmao.gif



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Thanks! On zephyr express right now.
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Black helmet, red Spyder jacket, black pants, yellow gloves.
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Today was fun! Enjoyed skiing with some of you folks this morning :)

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