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Axe's $200 or LESS ski sale!!

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Got some skis to get rid of.  Selling them flat - NO BINDINGS!  If you really need bindings, we can work something out, but I'm pretty set on keeping them.  I will plug the binding holes at your request.  All skis will be waxed before shipping, and left unscraped.  Shipping will be a flat $25 in the US.  

185cm Volkl Wall
Sidecut: 115-87-115
Set up Tele - a blast to ski this way!
Used about 20 days on lift served small midwest gnar.
Drilled twice - once for Hammerheads (chord center +2cm, plugged), and once for NTN (boot center on freeride center - rear line).  Bases & edges very good.  Tops are about 7/10, with some edge run wear on the inside tail edges.  Fun to ride, rail on hard stuff, lots of life left.


$125 + shipping






185cm Volkl Bridge
Sidecut: 130-92-112
Used 5 days - 3 days out west, and 2 in the midwaste.
Drilled 1.5x + 1 hole -- once for Salomon Z series, plugged the heel holes & center toe hole, used the rear two toe holes, and re-drilled the heels for 316 bsl (27).  Mounted at the freeride line (rear).
Very good condition.  Bases and edges have minor scraping that could be totally erased with a stone grind.  Pretty superficial.  These skis have a lot of fun energy to rip around everywhere (I have 3 sets if that tells you anything...).  They float nice for a "narrow" ski, and carve like a champ.  They handle the icy midwaste "snow" conditions with ease.  

$175 + shipping








184cm Elan 777
Sidecut: 116-77-100
Used 1 day.  Almost like new.
I really didn't need these...at all.  That said, they are a great bulletproof snow ski.  They carve great, and will never surprise you - very smooooth ride.  Mounted once w/Tyrolias @ 316 bsl (27).


$150 + shipping







186cm Elan Apex
Sidecut: 128-88-108
Used 1/2 day.  As new as used gets.  Another set of skis I really didn't need.
No rocker in here...  If you like the Volkl Mantra, you'll LOVE these.  Damn near identical, and I dare say they hold an edge at least as good if not BETTER.  Unshakeable edges that bite like crazy.  They don't get deflected by much of anything either.  They are part of Elan's Summit Series, and have the removable tip plugs and tail notches for skins.  Metal, damp, strong.  Cool ski, just not what I'm into right now.  Mounted once with Tyrolias @ 316 BSL.


$200 + shipping







Group pics:





Paypal is fine, and would be nice if you can do it gift so I don't get hit by the fees, but not a necessity.

Thanks for checking out my gear!


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Bridges on HOLD.
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Bump for some sweet deals. Tempted by the 777's, but I really need a more piste-specific ski at the moment.

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Interested in the Apex   PM sent

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Volkl Walls SOLD


PM's responded to.  

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Volkl Bridges SOLD

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Elan 777's SOLD


Thanks, mnbadknees!

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Originally Posted by docbrad66 View Post

Interested in the Apex   PM sent

Élan Apex SOLD! Thanks, Brad!

ALL SKIS SOLD - thanks, Epic!
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