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President's Day at Whitetail

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A home movie I made of my niece. Pretty boring, I guess. Her other uncle watched about 20secs of it before losing interest.

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Is that the niece that skied at BK?  Snowboarding now?  Tele next?  It's the perfect year to start a new skill since epic conditions on advanced terrain don't seem to be in the cards. 


I got a chuckle out of her comment on crowds at WT on Pres Weekend.  You guys were brave to take that on.

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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post

Is that the niece that skied at BK?  Snowboarding now?  Tele next?

I like your way of thinking. Her fourth day on snowboard in as many years... 


Her comment about the crowd was late in our day, after lunch. We got there early and had no waiting at lift ticket window or rental shop or lifts in the morning. The high speed quad did not have a lift line while we were there (8:30 - 3:00). The Snow Park quad got crowded after 2 PM but still only a 5 minute wait max. As you can see the slopes were not crowded, the video is from the afternoon.


If it had been a cold day it would have been a zoo, but because the weather was nice, not TOO many winter sports enthusiasts showed up. :) A nice manageable holiday crowd, good cover, soft snow.

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Awesome, way to go Zoe(?)!  My daughter likes to play on the skateboards we have, thinking she's gonna knuckedrag when she finally warms up to winter sports. 

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