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My family is planning a trip out west for Feb. of next year.  After thinking about Jackson, Vail, Cottonwood Canyon, Crested Butte, and Telluride, we began to think about Aspen.  At first, we thought it would be WAY to expensive.  However, lodging near Snowmass is pretty affordable, and Highlands seems like an awesome place to ski.  I guess my question is just how good is Aspen/Snowmass?  If we were to ski for five days, where should we go (no, we are not beginners, so Buttermilk will probably be skipped).  And is Highlands really that steep?  Thanks. 

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I think you would love Snowmass.  Highland's has some really steep (48 degree) terrain, but also some really nice cruisers.  

The best thing, not many people, as in nobody.  

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I would rank Aspen and/or Telluride up there just below Jackson and the Cottonwoods especially if they have good snow.  Crested Butte is great if they have snow...which is very often a big if.  Flail shouldn't even be mentioned in the same paragraph with the others...assuming you are looking for steep terrain.  If you just want fun terrain and variety then Vail is great and generally has good snow  but don't expect much in the way of steeps.

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I love Aspen.  I love it for just as many reasons outside of skiing as I do the skiing itself.  


For five days it seems like a good pick with lots of diversity.  Stay near Snowmass, ski there first.  Then on day two, venture to the original Ajax mountain.  Day three, hit Highlands.  Days four and five you go back to your favorites.  Snowmass is LARGE, and you won't discover the best parts of it immediately.  You would do well to hook up with a local or go to the bar the night before and ask where you should ski.


Is Aspen an authentic western town?  Nope, that was ruined a long time ago.  Is it an authentic ski town?  Not really because most people enjoy being seen in Aspen as much as they enjoy being in Aspen.  And how about those fur-lined hoods sported by the cougars?  Man, those are awesome.  Then again, most of the cities on your list can be described the same way.  (Notable exception: ski bums still thrive in Crested Butte)


Is the food there fantastic?  You bet.  Is there plenty to do after the lifts shut down?  For sure.  Is it easy for a tourist to navigate?  Absolutely. Oh, and the skiing?  Yep, it's just a lot of fun in a place where the on hill capacity far exceeds the lodging capacity.

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