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Road bike question.

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I have an opportunity to purchase a road bike. (been wanting one for a while). I am not into mountain biking and want a bike to ride on the road/park that has paved areas to ride. The primary use would be for cardio and strengh training.
The bike in question is a Specialized M2 road bike my guess is around 1995-97 Does anyone know about how much these are worth? (depending on condition of course)

I am aware of how stiff these frames are.
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here's one on closeout for comparison. http://www.andantebikes.com/closeouts.html
also checkout roadbikereview.com they may have a couple in the classifieds.


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it's a Specialized M2 team series Red...
circa 1995-96. street and paved park use only as the person selling it also has a mountain bike and uses that more. The components are mostly Shimano 105 series.
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dchan - welcome to the dark side. Soon you'll be wearing lycra and shaving your legs (heh, heh).

Seriously though, road biking is a blast and a great way to strengthen your legs without all the impact of running.

I don't think M2 was metal matrix, so I'm guessing the frame is aluminum. If it turns out to be too stiff a ride, you can always spring for a carbon fork and (as Gonz mentioned) a Titanium seatpost.

Good luck with it and enjoy!
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M2 stands for metal matrix. They now make an M4.

I got a chance to ride it last night. It feels real fast (very little side flex). If I can talk the price down a little I'll probably buy it. Thanks for all the help.
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Just curious. What price are they asking for?


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he's asking 550 for the whole bike, 300 for just the frame.
Gonz, The street price on this bike if you bought it in 96 would have been about 1150-1200. It has mavic wheels Mostly Shimano 105 components. I think the front derailer is XTR only because the 105 would not fit on the stem. 8 gear cluster on the back and 3 ring gears on the crank. brand new tires.
I figure if I can get him down to 500 I'll take it.
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I think the msrp for that bike was 1400. I suspect due to the M2 still being fairly new? I looked at a few older magazines. Also it was almost completly custom built which I understand is always more expensive than just buying a "stock bike" off the rack since the mfg get special pricing for oem components. Thanks for all the info. The bike itself is the right size I'm pretty sure. Stand flat footed, lift back of bike until touches crotch and the wheel is about 1.2" off the ground? I'm sure I'll be playing with the stem height and saddle/seat a bit before I'm happy.
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So when are we going to have a Bears bike gathering? Count me in - on or off road.
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dchan, gonz and anyone else...

$1400 may be correct as the original price of that bike. but im assuming that the bike was not bought complete. if its the M2 team, that frame could only be bought as a frame, it was considered their S-works factory team frame. that said, buying a frame at retail price, and adding your own components can always be pricey.

and actually, at that time the m2 tube material was pretty spiffy.... one of the first efforts from a huge bike company to produce something a little more exotic. i believe its a mix of Al with ceramic particles, yet another attempt to tone down aluminum to make it more like steel. i think the technology trickled down from the defense industry.

regardless, if its in good shape, 500 would be about right.

sundog15<FONT size="1">

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Thanks sundog15
That explains a lot. Like why I had a hard time finding info on the bike. I keep seeing listings of s works, but no mention of an M2 team bike.. It's in good shape. needs the cones lubed and adjusted. 1 small ding I can see on the seat post. The previous owner says maybe 100 hours on it at most.
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