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Booster Strap for AT

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will my dynafit zzero4 AT boots benefit from a booster strap? if so, which one? soft, medium? i am 180lbs, not very agressive skier. 


reason for asking, i find the default velcro very useless. its either not doing anything or blocking the flex. 



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Any AT boot that relies on a metal bar within it's walk mech will almost certainly improve the progressive flex of such a boot, it's pretty standard fare here and reactions have been positive to explosive.

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Dan, the translation is "yes".  It improved the flex by making it more progressive through the range of the boot, and keeping it in contact with the shin.  SZK is an expert on AT boots in France, and he is telling you it would be a great idea.  My Garmont boots came with a stretchy booster strap rather than a regular top strap.

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I threw booster straps on my old AT boots last year after the original velcro wore out.  It was a huge improvement for me.


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Glad to see this got moved out of the Boot Guys forum.


Absolutely, you should get Booster straps for your AT boots. It is SO much better than the stock nylon strap when hiking/walking/climbing. With my Zzeus boots, I've tossed out the laces for the liner. I hate laced liners anyway, so this makes me happy. I might put laces back in if I were going on a long tour and thought I might want them for wearing around camp or just keeping liner snug when walking long distance, but for 99% of what I do, the booster strap works wonders. Heck, I even leave them clasped when driving in my ski boots (short distances, don't worry).


I'm 200lbs, 5'10", not overly aggressive skier. I have the "Expert" model. I'd suggest either the Expert or Standard for you (probably expert). Don't get the WC model.

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I've been skiing with a booster strap for quite a few years. I've got the strap with three bands. I think it's their stiff booster. It's worked great for me and I'd never go back to the old Velcro strap.


But, I think if I were to buy new Booster straps, I'd go with the two band strap. It seems that the newer carving ski's are softer in flex making it easier to initiate from turn to turn while remaining torsional stiffness. I'm talking about hi end ski's, not low end stuff. A boot with a little more cuff flex would work better with this type of ski while still maintaining the boot/liner to leg contact that a Booster strap provides.

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thanks guys!


in europe, booster straps are sold in soft, medium, WC gauges


so should i go for the soft version? i have a very medium AT boot by modern standards (ZZero4 w/o carbon), and ride a rather soft ski.



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Snow dan grab a Meduim/expert, they are soft enough and will sure up the boot aloud, just be careful where the big metal clip finishes, or find a shop that will let you demo some for a day.

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