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Dan Egan at Big Sky this weekend Feb 23 - 25.

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Big Sky’s wind machine delivers the goods!

When we got into big sky late last night we had a feeling today was gonna be a good one. The road through the canyon from Bozeman was slick and the wind was helping the light snow come down and fill in the snowbanks.


Sure enough, when we got to the hill this morning and met up with Mimi, Grant, Alexi and the gracious hosts at Big Sky’s Snowsports School, all signs were pointing to a great day of ripping the creamy wind buff.


Up on the mountain, we weren’t disappointed. The wind had groomed the hill perfectly for us and we spent the morning laying down arcs on the Thunder Wolf and Lone Moose chairs. This place is so big, even though it was vacation week, we barely ran into anyone!


After lunch, the crew kept up the pace and shredded the Challenger chair all afternoon until the lifties kicked us off. It was soft and smooth in the trees and we couldn’t resist farming the pow.


Tomorrow looks like it’s gonna be another great day. Check back to see what new stoke Big Sky will drum up. We'll keep posting in this thread and on http://www.skiclinics.com


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Yesterday was one of those classic Big Sky ski days. The clouds lifted in the morning to leave us with a beautiful bluebird day and more wind buff overnight.

We spent the morning honing our skills, focusing on tip pressure and edging so that when we got on the Tram to the top of Lone Peak after an early lunch to dodge the crowds, we were all ready to rip some turns on the steep chutes on the south summit.

The Tram at Big Sky is unique among North American ski lifts. With it's base station on an alpine glacier and it's summit house perched on the airy summit of lone peak, overlooking the notorious Big Couloir, it delivers a heavy dose of respect for the extreme terrain it services. Groups of 15 people are whisked up to the summit on a short ride where it feels like you are flying straight into a wall of rock and snow as the peak approaches.

Once on top, we skied down Lenin, a wide chute that cuts a beautiful line down the side of the peak for at least 1000 vert. Big turns through creamy wind buff and corn kept everyone smiling and wanting more. It was so good we just had to lap it all afternoon.

Lone Peak in all its glory.After some tasty runs off the summit, we headed back over to the steeps on Challenger lift and got a few more great runs in to finish the day before heading to the bar for a video review session. Everyone in the clinic made big progress and that was made clear in the video.

Today should be another great day as we've got 6 - 10" in the forecast. Check back tomorrow to see how it goes.

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Checked your clinics none in PNW. oh well.

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Originally Posted by Dan Egan View Post
rip some turns on the steep chutes



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Big Sky was GREAT, Lone Peak was perfect, powder day yesterday and blue bird the day before. Here's the video...Killington next weekend and then back to Lone Peak...Don't miss the final two North Ameican Clinics of the season and if you do.. Come find me in Val D Isere France....http://vimeo.com/37464788
Skiclinics.com @ Big Sky MT, skiing off of Lone Peak with new snow plus drills and skills for the back country.


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Nice stokage Mr. E.  Thanks for sharing.

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looks like fun except: 1) there is no "Alpine Glacier" on Lone Peak (a semi permanent snow field perhaps, but no glacier). 2) Lenin is no chute, just a pleasantly steep snow field. For chutes, hit the Gullies (among others) or Headwaters at MLB.

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