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Red Sox

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It's opening day!!! Only 6 more months of agonizing summer until they break our hearts again...
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I'm an Orioles fan. I feel your pain!
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Bottom of the 3rd. Opening day O's vs BoSox at Camden Yards. No Score.
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I have a buddy who's a Sox fan; the pain in his face when Yanks got the Rocket was priceless. "Just imagine if they had kept him and had Pedro..." Curse of the Bambino -- good for another century?

Always wanted to see a game at Fenway, though. Wonder if I will. What are the plans for the dreaded new ballpark?

Is A-rod hurt, too? Just wondered with the Jeter and Nomar thing if injured shortstops were contagious to the AL.

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plans are for a new park but maintaining the Fenway look. We'll see. Not too sure about who's paying for it.
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Right now the plans for the ballpark are stalled... essentially over the 'who is paying' issue. Beyond that I hear they are having a hard time getting the land - several of the current area residents are not too happy about having to move. The plans for new park look great, and it would be nice to be able to get tickets once in awhile (almost every game sells out, and the park only seats roughly 33,000). But to lose the mystique? Tough call..
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Imagine if you could end the Curse of the Bambino by sacrificing the Green Monster. To lose the latter you'd bury the former. Would that make it a tough call still? Or, is part of the mystique of the fabled park predicated on them "breaking your hearts" annually since "No no Nanette" flopped?

Just wonder if you'd truly be happy if they actually won and what you'd be willing to give up for it.

Obviously the Yanks don't have this dilemma, though the 80s (despite Donny Baseball) sure were forgettable. I wonder if a team has done an astrological chart? (People have done charts on the US, taking July 4, 1776 as DOB, by the way.) Would explain some patterns, wouldn't it -- and perhaps yield a strategy to deal with them.

Have to check out the shortstop thing at: www.mlb.com/ .


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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The wall WILL stay. The Yankees SHOULD win. Too much pitching, pure and simple, and solidity (if not greatness) everywhere else. Their catcher (Posada) is just starting. The Yanks lose ONLY if they have injuries. The caveat is that the Sox play the Yanks pretty much heads-up (unless umpiring gets in the way; see 1999 playoffs) so if they meet in the playoffs (the Sox will HAVE to get pitching from at least two guys, other than Pedro, to even get close to THAT), it's anyone's to take.

JOHNH, Sorry, but forget it. Mussina's in Manhattan now and Albert Belle (bless his black heart) is gonna cash in $39-MILL to NOT play baseball. (And since they released my high school teammate, Rich Amaral, last year, they're cursed.

(Keep an eye on Toronto, folks.)<FONT size="1">

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I'm afraid you are correct. No one in this town could believe they gave the Moose to the Yanks. What an assanine move. I can see them in the board room now... "hey, our pitching sucks. I know... let's give away our best pitcher". At lease Albert's salary doesn't go toward the cap. It blows my mind that they could have the highest payroll in MLB and have such a crappy team. Meanwhile, how is it that NY is under the cap? I don't get it. And the politics in baseball is enough to make me scream. But then, that's why I like my Bowie Baysox, AA local team. Lot's of fun to watch, cheap and local. Plus, any O's on the DL come there to get ready to go back up. For any of you who haven't gone to see a good minor league team, you're missing out on a LOT!
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There is no cap in baseball - but I think there is a stiff luxury tax on the top five teams in terms of payroll.

I still can't believe the Sox let Mussina go to the Yanks. Manny is great and all, but pitching wins games.
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eat me!

Hopfully he'll do it against the Yankees too!
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AAARRRUUGHHH. At least when our hearts are breaking it is a sure sign we'll be back on the hill very soon....Killington, probably. (I was there this weekend, still skiing!) who knows, Maybe this will be their year?
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