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Drilled incorrect hole in ski - is this a problem?

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Hi everyone,


First post here. I got back into skiing this year after a 25+ year layoff ( marriage, kids, etc.) But I've really been enjoying myself this season. I had forgotten how much fun skiing was.


I ordered a pair of Blizzard Bushwackers from a local ski shop. When I called to see if they were ready to be picked up, the owner of the shop told me that he accidentally drilled the binding mounting holes in the wrong place on one of the skis. He plugged the holes and mounted the bindings correctly, but he said two of the plugged holes were visible. He was very apologetic and gave me a couple of options: 1. Try to find a new set for me 2. Knock $50 off of the price of the skis.


Since the season is coming to an end here in the Northeast, a new pair might be hard to come by. He had a fairly difficult time finding the first pair he got for me. Since I haven't purchased skis in over 30 years, is it a big deal to have plugged holes in the skis? What would you do, take the discounted price or make him find a new pair?

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welcome to Epic!


You could go either way- You will not notice the extra holes in terms of performance, but it will lower the value of the ski a bit if you were looking to resell later.  It also may limit your ability to remount in a different position.

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Not a huge deal in terms of performance - lots of skis get remounted.  Maybe a problem if the holes weren't filled correctly (with epoxy and a plastic plug); just be sure they can't store water in the holes and freeze later.


My $0.02 - take the skis and the $50 off.  Seems reasonable of the shop owner to offer some cash off for his stoner techie's boo boo.

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I agree with SD, take the deal and maybe ask him for a tune later on some time for the OOPS.

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ya ask for a tune coupon and the $50 off.


good deal


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I guess I'm in the minority here.  $50 off is chump change.  If I had any intention of keeping the skis, I would politely and out of earshot of others tell him that the skis should be priced at his cost.


Or take the new skis.  That's what I would do.  The extra, visible holes will not just have a small effect on resale, they will decimate it.

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If they are properly plugged it won't impact performance noticeable.  What's fair depends on what kind of discount may have already been on the skis off typical retail price (not suggested, but actual retail price).  I'd want 40% off the regular price for a ski that probably has 8 extra holes in it (two visible).th_dunno-1[1].gif 


So, looks like they're currently going for $500-$600 right? 


They should give them to you for around $350 tops.

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Thanks for the replies. The price with bindings included was $599.

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