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Advice on Bicycles...

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My bicycle was recently stolen so I need to get a new one. I know I want a hybrid with lots of gears, but that's really all I know...I haven't bought a bike in ages. Actually, the one that got stolen was a slightly-used gift from a friend and before that bikes were something my parents bought me, so I have never bought one.

Everytime I go into a store, I feel like I am being sold, since the price on a basic bike that they usually recommend is around $600. They can't really be that expensive, can they??

I don't want to spend an arm and a leg since I also have to buy skis too. I will mostly use it for exercise, riding to the beach and light trail riding. I am female and only 5'2" so I can probably buy a kids bike, if anyone has any knowledge in the area, please jump in!

Thanks in advance,
SkiMinker...soon to be BikeMinker??
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Something like an GT Outback Trail would be a good bike. About $250.00.

Check out bikes similar to these. http://www.bikesale.com/product/pages/cross-bikes.htm

Manufactures with good reps. who use decent parts.

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Skiminker, Try www.mtbreview.com for reader reviews on mountain bikes and other goodies www.roadbikereview.com for road and hybreds.

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I agree with gonzostrike, just few comments. Buying a used bike you'll better know what you're doing. There's a lot of not-very-obvious things that could be wrong with it and quite expensive to fix. On the other hand LBS sells a new bike with free maintenance (usually 3 to 12 months).
$600 could be a little high for a bike for a light use and $450 sounds more reasonable. Being a light rider it's really important to you to get a light bike, may be more important than geting high-end parts (you won't see them at this price level anyway). May be aluminum - if you like the feeling, not everyone does. And of course, same as with skis, try before you buy!

P.S. Invest in a good saddle, some stores let you try different ones. It's even more important than suspension or round wheels .

P.P.S. Gonzo, to build your bike should cost you much more than to buy a preassembled one - am I right? Even when you do it yourself, w/o labor charges. I'd love to do it myself though I don't think I have a chance before I retire.

Sergey ( 2pizza@usa.net )
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To help put you at ease over $600 for a bike. My mtn bike retail would have cost me around $3500. I had bike shop connections so I did not pay that much. Can't recall how much exactly--once spent why ponder it? All I think about now is what a great ride it is. (Litespeed Tsali)

I am about to have a custom road bike built. My femurs are too long for anything stock. The frame alone will be $1,100!! Add a carbon fork for $225. Add the Campy Daytona groupset and the good wheels and the rest of the stuff and taxes and I am looking at just over $2700!

I ride a lot. I want a good bike that fits me and will last a long time and which will take me on hours long rides with comfort.

It's worth it. Spend the money. Ride your bike. Love it.

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The honest self-assessment...I truly don't think I'll be doing any hardcore mountain biking, as I had an accident out in Park City about 10 years ago that scared the be-jeezez out of me.

With my old bike, I generally rode through Golden Gate park on the road and grass, out to the beach and across the GG bridge a few times, but not too heavy on the off road. I don't think I'll be getting to crazy, because unlike skiing, where my uncoordinated body leaves and a truly hardcore, coordinated and graceful skier takes over, I am quite a klutz in most other sports and tend to get hurt often.
Besides that, I probably won't ride much more than a couple of times a week, because I can't fit it in.

As for used bikes, I have been told by so many people not to buy a used bike in San Francisco for two reasons. One, since so many bikes are stolen, you run the risk of buying a stolen bike and then if you happen- stance by the real owner, you could be in big trouble. I would be paranoid-since I am on the lookout for mine still. Second, there are so many serious bikers out here and I don't know what parts to look at for over usage, so it would probably cost me more in the long run.

So that's my story and I am sticking to it

Knowing that, what do ya think??

I'll check out those other websites today amd I look forward to any other ideas/suggestions you might have...

**I have been checking out the reviews and prices on the suggested sites and I am going to test-ride a Gary Fisher Tiburon and Zebrano today at lunch. they are $250 and about $400. Yeah/Nea?? Any commentary? The other one that looked interesting was the Bianchi Boardwalk. <FONT size="1">

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gonzostrike: yes, yes and yes. Both I and my son ride pretty low-level bikes, around $400 before upgrades, with custom-built XT wheels. And it's not that we're doing any real hardcore riding, just basic singletrack...

SkiMinker: for a very light off-road riding the bikes you're looking at will be probably OK, as will be any other bike from a major manufacturer (as far as you tried it and like the way it rides). This said, they're not even close to where RockHopper stands. I know, I know, I'm an anti-hybrid

Sergey ( 2pizza@usa.net )
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Thanks for all of your help. I ended up getting a Gary Fisher "Nirvana" hybrid. It does the job and does it well(and I got it on sale!)
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