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Female AT ski purchase

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I need new skis.  Currently on Atomic Pumori's... seven years old.  Dyna fit.  I have been demo-ing my ass off.  Problem is, any of the skis I actually want to try aren't in the demo fleet.  And if they are, they're 180+/165-/mounted with markers, etc.  


What do you ladies out there ski?


I'm getting into the guide industry and need a ski that can carry me through a variety of terrain.  I ski fairly well, but need to start stepping it up.  Not a big fan of BD skis, loved the S7's, but they're a bit heavy.  I'm 5'6", 135 lb, big legs... I can certainly push the skis around but don't have much mass pressing them down.  Nanuq's threw me around a bit in the deeper snow, but kicked ass on the hard-packed variable terrain... help!!!


What are you babes riding out there in the back country?  Any insight is welcomed.  



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Atomic Centuries have been popular for this... they are definitely light.

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+1 for the Centuries. They are extremely versatile. everything from windblown thin and hard to deep fluffy. And since you are already on Atomics, you might like the feel of the ski.


My friend loves the K2 Gotbacks (bought her second pair) also light and good BC skis. She likes them in hard and soft snow.


I prefer the Atomics, but it is a matter of taste.

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thanks ladies.  never heard of the centuries.  will research.  and the got backs seemed more noodley than the coombacks.  ever try the sidekicks?  

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I'm a dude.

My wife is on the BD Startlet skis and they seem good.  She is a beginner.


If you are looking at the Atomic Century skis then perhaps also look at the Dynafit Stoke.  They make a 164cm version.





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I like the Gotbacks but think you're right, if you want a more solid ski the Coombacks are a better choice.  At least for me, I'm a pretty big girl.  Sure can't argue about the weight, though - Gotbacks with Dynafits mean feathers on my feet.

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