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SkiDawg, I also graduated from UGA, headed to ATL in '91,  lived in Virginia Highlands/Little Five Points area, and now live in Utah.  Park City, to be exact.  


To the "where next?" person, I highly agree with Alta.  I was going to recommend staying at Snowbird for the kids, and getting the AltaBird pass to ski both sides.  Alta is the best mountain, period.  It ain't the best resort, though!  It all depends on what you are looking for.  Park City is great for the kids and is a great family town, but the overall bigger, and more difficult mountains are Alta and The Bird.  And for the best pampering, Deer Valley can't be beat, and is a completely different ski experience.  It is worth doing once. For all those who look down their noses at it, you most likely haven't hiked Daly Chutes. There is also a lot to be said for being able to salvage one of those days that are so miserable you are finished by noon with a gourmet lunch, great service, backgammon by the fire, and BLT bloody mary. Those are also great family memories.  And yes, there really is powder longer than everywhere else, days after a storm up in the trees not marked on the maps.  Jackson is also a crazy, big mountain, tons 'o powder kind of experience, but you don't have the non-stop flights.  Those non-stops are golden with kids.  And never forget above all else, it's all good out west :)  Take everyone's info and customize it to your own family and life.  That will be the perfect next place to go.