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The Ski-Z is Here!

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I'm not sure if it's ski gear or not, the sites aptly named Skijunk, lol.


Maybe they should just shout, "buy me gaper"!


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Holy crap.  That's all we need at crowded resorts, people towing their skis behind them.nonono2.gif

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I can hardly wait for the "My Tips Got All Chipped Up When My Ski-Z Came Loose" threads in Tuning and Maintenance forum area. 

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Well, at least at $16.90 it's not that expensive.


On the other hand, that is $16.90 more than it's worth.

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Most ski areas are wet salty.  Wet+salt+bearings=rusted and jammed bearings.

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Can't wait for my pink Ski-Z to get here!

Thanks for showing me this awesome product.


On a serious note, better this than the guy I saw with his tips dragging on the concrete behind him...

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Prototype testing..



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I saw it on an ad on a web site, the video played automatically, when I heard them say the name, skeazy was the first thing that came to mind.

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That totally looked like Snowbasin.


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bump 4 laughs

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