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Armada TST or Fat-ypus L-Toro

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Looking for an off-piste soft snow and moderate powder mid-fat ski in the 100-105 range.  I'm 5'10/165, Level 7/8 skier who sticks to trees, moderate bumps, and the ungroomed.  I asked for ski advice in more general terms awhile back and was advised not to over-think it, but because over-thinking and hand-wringing are soooo much fun, that's exactly what I've done!


Anyway, I would like a nimble and maneuverable (for trees) ski that's also a good cut-up (Day+ after dump) softish crud-buster, and write-ups seem to indicate one of these might fit the bill.  I think the TST would be more nimble and maneuverable, but the L-Toro might be a better crud-buster.  confused.gif  I may be able to demo both, but I'm not sure yet....


I tried the Line Influence 105, and Yuck...too stiff for me.  I've also skied the S7 and found it really fun but a wee bit heavy and bulky feeling, so if the TST or L-Toro skies like a scaled-down S7, that would be good.


As an aside, I know it shouldn't matter, but I will say the graphics of the TST cause actual pain to my eyes.  If it fits my needs, tho, I guess I could live with it....or cover them with stickers or something..... 


Thanks for any input!

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Well, I did say I like bumps, so.....Bump, Bump....


Any takers on which of these skis best combines nimbleness and crud-crushability?


Bueller?  Bueller??

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Originally Posted by Skierish View Post


Well, I did say I like bumps, so.....Bump, Bump....


Any takers on which of these skis best combines nimbleness and crud-crushability?


Bueller?  Bueller??

I'd be interested in hearing anyone's thoughts ont he TST in bumps. I ski Volkl Kenja's (the women's version of the Kendo) and they're awesome on the groomers and things...but I think I might like something a little more nimble and with a tighter turning radius for the bumps and trees, so curious what people think of the TST in bumps/trees... and since the TST and TSTw seem to be the same ski just with different graphics, interested in what men/women think of it. 

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A tight-turner will help you a lot more in trees than in bumps, where you want a softer tip and tail.  The TST is a tight-turner, and after demoing  it a couple of weeks ago, I can tell you that it's also a softie.


That said, I hated it.  I went into the demo with a predisposition that I would actually love it, yet it was obvious things were gonna get ugly after only a few turns.  I found it twitchy, inaccurate, and unstable.  Give it a try if you can, tho, because a lot of folks really like it, and you may be one of them.  I could be the oddity.


I did a review of 2 4FRNT skis that I loved, tho, and you might check into their women's line.  You might also get in touch with Dawgcatching, Sierrajim, or Philpug on this site, as they are retailers who test a ton of skis.  They could probably point you toward a few good choices if they knew your size, ability, skiing preferences and goals.  I know Dawg tested the TST, and I think SJ did, too.


Good Luck. 

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I have been skiing my 183 TST's more and more as the season has progressed.  I haven't written a review on them yet, but on the lift Saturday, I was thinking I would call the review "Quiver Killer".  They are good enough where I am thinking of selling 2 pairs of skis in my quiver of 4eek.gif  That would just leave me with the TST's and Lhasa Pows for really deep days.  On the TST's, I can seriously rail groomers, I have such a blast in bumps with them my mogul skis are very likely on the block and ya, they float my 200lbs great in the pow.  They are a really easy ski to turn with great edge hold when needed.  No twitchiness under my feet, but I do have the weight to really drive most any ski.  I did not find them soft and frankly thought the tail was pretty solid.  I found them to be very light and agile, so I have ripped on everything I have thrown at them. The more I ski them, the more I like them.biggrin.gif  The graphics are a little odd to me, put chicks dig emwink.gif

And buy them longer as they ski very short.


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Like I said....different strokes and all.

I've raved and gushed about next season's 4FRNT Cody, but I'm sure some others will try it and think it stinks.


As popular as the TST is, I'm actually sure they're great for a large number of people.  That's why I urged her to give 'em a try anyway.

They just weren't my thing is all.



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Elite Feet told me to call them back Friday morning and they'd set the 165 TST aside for me for Saturday demo. So I'm going to test it out on Saturday. We'll see how I like them, I'm keeping an open mind! If they're not my cup of tea, the following week I'll rent some Atomic Elysian's from Sports Basement out here, as Trekchick has told me those are very fun and playful skis, so they're also on my list of things to try out in bumps/trees. 


If neither of those are to my liking for trees and bumps, then maybe testing some 4FRNT skis will be after that :)


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^^^^ Be sure and look at the running length on the 165 TST as it is going to be short and hence possibly unstable feeling to you. You may want to try the next size up too.  My 183's feel like a 170 running length on hard snow. That is part of the reason why they are so easy to ski in bumps or pretty much anywhere else.  Remember to keep them on edge and drive them and you should like them.

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So Shima, what did you think of your demo?  I skied Sunday with a lady that had 174 TST's on.  She was ripping the pow on those.  She went down some narrow runs I didn't want to do on my 196 Lhasa's, as I was afraid of eating it on my big boys.  I should have brought my 183 TST's for when it got all tracked out, I could have then hit some of the narrow stuff/tight trees.

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I'm only 5'4" and 125 lbs, so the 165 were perfect, yes they do feel shorter than my kenja's, but I didn't want to go to 174 as those would have been far too long on me. 


I ripped up the trees compared to any other time I've tried glade tree skiing this year with my Kenja's. I also had Trekchick with me all weekend too so was getting some nice pointers to improve...but it really was amazing how the TST's just listened when I told them what to do. On my Kenja's I had felt like I was fighting them to turn soon enough and it was really causing muscle soreness in my legs... with the TST... no muscle fatigue whatsoever! Loved how easy they were to turn and maneuver and WOW what a difference a rocker tip makes in the powder! 


When I returned my TST demo that night, I purchased the 165 TSTw from the shop... I like the women's graphic better and they're otherwise the same ski. Used my new skis, this time w/ marker squire bindings and not the salomon demo bindings of Saturday's TST, all day on Sunday again. My confidence is way up there now in glade skiing, I no longer fear the pain and wrath of my legs when I go into the glades! 


I still prefer the Kenja's on the hardpack groomers though, while I love how nimble the TST/TSTw is in the soft stuff, that same softness annoys me on the groomers since I can feel everything underneath me on the hard snow. So now I'm a 2 ski quiver gal :)


Oh and I'm super sad there wasn't any proper bumps to test them on all weekend, but hopefully this weekend at Heavenly there will be some to try out :) With how well they manuevered everything in the trees, I'd expect them to be pretty decent in the bumps... 

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Noice, glad those worked for you. In soft bumps I have a great time on them. On hard/frozen bumps, well no ski works well with my mad skilzrolleyes.gif but I would trust the TST more than many other skis I have owned. I will be riding them this Thursday-Sunday while at Mammoth.  I hope they get a bit more than the 1 inch of forecasted new snow, so I can contrast the TST to my Lhasa Pows while last Sunday and Mondays memories are still with me. I think the more you ride them on hard pack the more you will come to like them.  I will grant you the front tips are soft for powder, but under foot and the tail is solid and I can rip with them on the hardest snow. Just keep them on edge and they are really fun, especially if it is steep and you need to make smaller controlled turns to control your speed. And I agree, I liked the ladies graphics better too.

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I do plan to take the TST to the steep double blacks at Heavenly, so I'm anxious to see how they handle. Based on how they handled crud / the beginnings of natural skier made bumps last weekend, I really do have high hopes for the TST in proper sized bumps... and I know a few trails at Heavenly that often have bumps most of the time, so I'll definitely be trying them out there this weekend if the bumps are in good shape :) 


Let us know how you find your TST compare to the Lhasa Pows!

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Originally Posted by liv2 ski View Post

And I agree, I liked the ladies graphics better too.

Oh and when I was buying my TSTw (and debating between TST and TSTw graphics), the guy at the shop told me that he felt that the men's graphic got the wrong end of the stick this year, lol. Seems everyone agrees there :)

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I would have to say the TST's. Because Armada makes more Quality items and their graphics are sick! Or you could get the Line SFB's.

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