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Boot fit problem

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Some background, I am having some problems with my boots, a couple months after being fitted.  I have Lange RX 130's, 100mm last and they fit very well with some, but not extensive mods.   I had my old Intuitions and footbeds recasted, so didn't use the stock liner at all.   Now, it feels as though there is a lot of lateral play in the toe box area.  My heel is still anchored well.   I'm not sure if it's related to my liners being packed out or not.  The other thought, is that these boots leak near the toe buckle.  At first, a little condensation, now my feet are soaked after a day and I don't know how that affects the liners.   I went to one boot shop here in Whistler and they said that the boots are too wide and recommended I get the Fischer Vacuum.  I didn't.   (An aside, there were four fitters there and each customer were being fitted with Fischer Vacuum boots.  Just felt ike they were dumping inventory)  On a recommendation, I went to another fitter and he said he thinks the boot is too narrow and my foot is cupped.  They leak because I am not getting a flat seal.  He measured my foot and at the widest it was 111mm.  But, I have a narrow achilles and wide calf.  If he were to have fit me, he would have recommended the Lange RX I have, Technica Demon or Nordica Firearrow to have the best initial fit.


His assessment makes sense, he was actually the only one that measured my foot width with calipers.  The place I got them fitted did a shell fit first though and they seemed to fit great. 


So, after all that, I do have questions.  Although I'm not sure any can be answered here without seeing the boot.  If they are in fact too narrow, can this be modified without compromising the integrity of the boot?  This is the third time my liners have been casted and now they get soaking wet, is it a liner problem?  If I were to get new boots, with a 111mm wide foot, what last should I consider? I haven't seen a boot wider than 107mm.


Thanks for your help.

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First, you must understand that a 100mm lasted boot is referencing a size 26.5 shell.  As the shells go up or down in size this measurement changes incrementally.  What does you foot measure length, width, arch, on a Brannick device?  Why not try the stock liners which are very nice?  I doubt you need to buy a new boot.  If in fact your current boot needs widened it can be easily done by a boot fitter.



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The boot I have is 28.5 and was told the "last" was 100mm.   I thought that meant the actual internal width.   The bsl is 326mm.  


Frankly, I don't remember the other measurements of my foot.  Right foot length was 29.5, left 30.  Width 111mm.


I certainly do not want to have to buy new boots and felt like the first place I went was just trying to do that.  I suppose he was just trying to be a good salesman.  But, was a little irritating.


I was wondering if widening the boot 5mm on each side would weaken it in some way.  Is that a lot?  Within normal?   I've gotten 2 opinions, one too wide and the other too narrow.  The latter seems to make more sense, but was also curious if it could be the liners.  (Only about 60 days on them).


I like your idea about trying the stock liners though.


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the RX 130 (100mm) will be around 107mm in a 28.5 shell, it tends to fit a little wider than it is listed so i think you would have little problem having it stretched a touch if required (you say you fell lateral movement so i doubt you will need it doing...try the stock liner as suggested


on the leaking question, have your fitter (when they have stretched the shells) heat the top of the boot clog and invert the overlap then leave it until it is cold, this will help improve the seal

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I appreciate your help, thank you

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