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Dalbello vs Full Tilt

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I am 6'2" 225 agressive advanced skier (expert on good days). I want a 3 piece 3 buckle boot. I tried on FT booters and krypton cross. Liked both. Are Booters too soft for me. Kryptons actually felt stiffer and I could definitely feel how narrow they are. I would not say I have a wide foot either I wear medium 11us street shoes. I got measured for 27.5 boots. I have also worn 28.5 and 29 and now that I think about it I alway felt like they were huge. Booters are 102mm 100 flex and Cross are 99mm 90 to 120 flex. I am also considering FT Classic and Krypton Boss (105mm!!!). Just wanted some advice
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advice:  buy the boots that fits you the best, in the smallest size you can.  I would guess that it will be 27 in the FT shape konflict.   flex is changeable witih most 3 prt boots, with just changing out the tongue.


FT vs krypton:


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