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Glacier National Park

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I realize a few of you live in the Montana area. Well, I'm planning a big trip to the mountains this summer, and plan on stopping by GNP. I want to spend a week backpacking in the park, and want the scoop on things.

So, could a fellow Bear help me out and give me their opinion on the following:

- Best campsites
- Best trails (day hikes and backpacking)
- Best part of the park to get away from the crowds
- Best scenery

I realize the whole park is great, but want someone to help point me in the right direction. In particular, I'm looking for some spots that have open, green meadows with a lake and mountain in view. You know, the postcard type of views. Thanks in advance!
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gonzo: I have a LOT of time. I'll be taking about 3 weeks to head from Texas through Colorado, Utah, and up to Montana before coming back again.

Anyway, in GNP, I want to do 2 separate 3-4 day hikes. So, I'm looking for 2-4 routes in case I can't get my top 2 picks.

I've heard great things about the NW side of the park with Hole in the Wall and Boulder Pass. Also looking to head to Elizbeth Lake in a loop from many Glacier. Also looking at Sperry Glacier through Gunsight Pass like you mention.

Any info/suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated. I'll have my truck up there, so loops would be best. If not, I'm sure I can catch a ride back somehow.
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gonzo: forgot to add my ability. I'm not sure how many miles I can do, but I'm a young healthy 24 year old, and in great shape. I'm figuring maybe 12-14 miles on a good day. Am I shooting for too much or too little? Since I have a lot of time, I don't mind going a little slow.
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You can take a bus up and get dropped off in different parts of the park, so you don't have to loop. We did the Gunsight lake Sperry glacierhike that way. You might want to try Bob Marshall wilderness also, or Canadian part of the park. Oh yeah you can get a boat drop off also.<FONT size="1">

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