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Full Tilt or Dalbello

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Ok want new boots and decided on 3 buckle. As far as I know top contenders are full tilt and dalbello. I know I want Intuition liners so both have those. Tried on booter FT and cross Dalbello. Like the 102 last fit of boosters krypton cross felt narrow at 98mm. Does this matter when they are heat moldable and boot fitters are readily available. I thought boosters were a little soft and cross was nice but could tell the difference right away between tru fit and intuition liners. So might look at FT classics to get stiffer boot with intuitions but 99mm worries me. Also are FTs old technology and are dalbello kryptons light years ahead? Any suggestions? Comment?
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It's important that you get the best shell fit you can find.  I won't debate your selection of a 3-piece boot, but be sure that you (or your bootfitter) pulls the liner and check the shell fit.  There's a FAQ linked at the top of the "Ask a boot guy" forum that provides a lot more detail on getting the right boot.

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Thanks saw the forum gonna check it out.  Funny u said that I went to two shops one asked me to put my foot in the boot with out the liner.  The other place let me try on the FT asked how I likeed them then said cash or credit.  I know where I am going back to.

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IMO Dalbellos have somewhat more modern design, especially buckles and lower shell. That said, neither will fit your foot very well if you are narrow in back and wide in front. Next year's Dalbello Kryptons will have a new last, perhaps closer to real anatomy. 

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Both Dalbello and Full Tilt make boots in different widths.  IIRC Dalbello makes some on a 103mm last.  But, a competent boot fitter will be able to tell you pretty quickly what width you need.  Boots of the proper size will not be comfortable when you first put them on.  I use Dalbello Krypton Cross ID with the Intuition liners and they definitely need to be heated to mold to your feet.  The difference in how they feel after being molded is very dramatic.

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