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Hey ryan,

Was that Mika I saw hitchhiking back to the pits in Australia? Do you think hackman and coulthurd get tired of looking at that red and white spoiler (rear of course) on Michael's car? I guess if you can't keep up you just blow-up the ride.
Is it too early to say, "wait until next year" for the M&M boys?
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Yeah, what the heck happened to Villeneuve? Is he OK? That was a nasty crash. Didn't Mika wreck in that same turn a while back?
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Just giving you the razz because it's a beautiful day in the PNW and I'm stuck in the office. All in fun.

Are they running traction control this year? If they were could you tell the difference? They looked like slot cars on most of the turns.

Did you hear about Michael's new contract? 30m per year.<FONT size="1">

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ryan, How far do you live from Altadena?
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Probably 10 miles, something like that. A freeway ride and some surface streets away.
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I hope Michael's pit crew cleans his REAR view mirrors so that the M&M boys can't sneak up on him from BEHIND.
Have a good weekend. I'm going skiing!
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Ouch. What to say? Complete domination. We've got a long road ahead, it'd seem. It's possible but Ferrari and the drivers seem on top of things now.

All made pretty much fine, Luckster, by a day at Baldy with about 8' of base under cloudless skies and about 70-degrees. Like skiing in butter. Got a lesson from MILESB, in our, as Miles puts it, "poor man's powder." Quite a day.

Hope yers was 2.

Ryan <FONT size="1">

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ryan, I had a great day skiing Sat. Hiked out and skied some untracked which I haven't done for awhile. Huge grins!
You have to admit, some classic driving by Michael after spinning out. Is Mika miffed about his ride. I think the pressure is starting to build. At least David made the podium.

Ferrari, 1st and 2nd I love it.
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HEY, I just saw some video of Michael looking like he was standing still while Montoya and DC went by. What's up? Kryptonite in the Ferrari water supply?

didn't get a chance yesterday, so i'll watch the whole race tonight.<FONT size="1">

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ryan, Somehow I knew I would be hearing from you. Just got back from Whistler so I missed the race. I heard that David won and I think Michael was second. Glued to the tube tonight.
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Just watched the race. Some great driving by Montoya and David. Too bad Montoya got picked off. It could have been interesting.
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I think Rubens is out to take somebody out every race this year. Yes, Montoya looks like the real deal. (Those Williams cars're a factor RIGHT NOW, 'specially at high-speed circuits like Spa.) Don't know if you watched qualifying but it was something to see Montoya go off - kinda scary - then get right back in the car and burn a quickie. THIS is going to be a heckuva firefight, to the very end. I hope. I like Mika and I'm a McLaren man but NOTHING beats exciting, competitive racing.

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case ya care; i believe speedvision starts televising live practice as a matter of course beginning tomorrow. talk to ya on the flipside of the race.

michael's been dissing montoya, tryin' to pump up little brother ralf. something tells me this montoya cat ain't one to flinch. shapin' up to be very interesting.
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I agree!
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