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Elan Amphibio Waveflex 82 XTI vs Rossignol Experience 88

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Hi guys

Im in the final decision process of buying my first set of skis! Its between the above two Smile

Im 6ft 95kg and an intermediate skier- ski the easier blacks ok although mogals highlight my poor technique. I have a lot to work on- mainly using my edges more and getting my posture right. I would describe myself as a fairly aggressive skier. I ski mainly on piste atm- but very much want the ability to go off piste. Not interested in park stuff. I love to carve but im rubbish atm!

I demoed the Rossi (177) yesterday and really liked them. They didn't seem *that* quick- but there was a lot of crud and fresh snow around which prob slowed them down. I have heard they can "top out" at high speed- but that speed is prob far above my abilities!

Today i tried the Elans- Its tricky to compare the two as the conditions were v different, the rossi had to put up with a lot more crud, flat light- the Elans had blue sky and if you hunted- 4" fresh power Very Happy I found them a bit tricky to turn amongst trees- but that may be my poor technique.


In my *highly* ill informed opinion- it felt like the rossi was better through the trees and a bit more agile- the elan was better at speed and coped with the crud a bit better- it did seem faster and glided more- but that may have been the conditions. I have to say i didn't feel like i struggled to flex it? Although perhaps i would only notice this in shorter turns- such as the trees?

Any advice on the pros & cons of either- and which would be more appropriate for me would be great. I wonder if the stiffness of the Elans may be a bit much for me? If i had amazing technique, or was a monster 18 stone i suppose it wouldn't matter- but at 95Kg maybe its a bit stiff?


Oh- and although im in Canada for another 3 weeks- i expect i will be back in europe from next season for the most part- so power will be a rare thing :(


Cheers :)

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bump :D


Please reply someone i need the advice i have only just signed up but im a long term browser on this forum! :)

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I wish I could give a definitive opinion, but I have never tried the Rossi's. I do however, have nothing bad to say about the Elans. I just picked up a pair a couple of weeks ago and have absolutely no regrets. They aren't as laser-sharp as my Atomic D2 SLs on the hardpack, but have enough hold and float through what little "snow" conditions I've skiied so far.

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I skiied the 82's about 10 times this yr. At first was worried about the edge hold but they have been very good. I ski the 168, I'm 6' 180 pds. They have been extremely stable at speed and very manueverable. Have skied they mostly on hard surface and some crud and powder here and there. All good.I finally got to ski them on bumps and they were good there too. Being a bit stiff I was worried about the later. Overall they do a lot of things very well which is a hard thing to ask of a ski. Because they are so manueverable I anticipate they'd be fine in the trees also. Remember to ski them on both sides they wok great both ways. I think I like them better with the rocker on the inside edge.

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You probably should compare the 88Xti (for 2013's model) with the E88. They feel different.  88Xti is more of a punchy ski, still typically Elan damp with power.  E88 feels lighter on the snow.  The 88Xti is a superb groomer ski, the E88 is great too, but not quite as glued or with as much horsepower.  In bumps, I give a slight edge to the E88: it has a bit more forgiving tail, and is lighter.  In crud, they feel different, but offer similar performance.  On ice, I would take the 88Xti.  And, as a bit more technical ski, but they are similar in this respect.  At speed, they are comparable. If I was looking more for an off-piste feel, I might gravitate to the E88, or something similar, like an Elan Apex/888.  For a slightly more powerful hard snow ski with versatility, the 88Xti was sweet, one of the best I tried. 


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Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

You probably should compare the 88Xti (for 2013's model) with the E88.


I agree with dawgcatching on camparing the 88 to E88.  I haven't not been on the 88 xti's .   I have had no problems with the 82 xti  in all conditions.  I have no experince with the E88.  The they are more rocker than amphibio's so that will make a different. 


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