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Rossi Bindings!

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A question for all those with Rossi bindings. I have some Axial 100 bindings on my Bandit XX and I wondered if Rossi did a lifter interface which fitted this binding. Does anyone know? Hoped this would give me some advantage when I am on the groomers. Thanks.
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Rossi makes a couple of lifters that are compatible with these bindings, depending upon how much lift you want. There is the t-plate interface and also racing lifters.

From the Rossi site:

Used with AXIAL technology.
10 mm of lift and suspension material incorporated into the heel
• better edge grip
• better turn initiation
• increased leverage and power

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On my Bandit XX's I have Rossi Freeride T-Plate 100 bindings. I gues the T-Plat is a lifter.
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Thanks guys. I guess I will have to see if it is possible to fit the T-Plate to my existing Power 100 bindings.
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