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Tigershark 8 foot

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Does anyone have this ski? What are your thoughts? Most of the reviews I've found were for the 10 foot model but I have found some good deals online for the 8 foot. I am an advanced/expert skier but only 145 lbs. so I figure the 8 foot might be okay for me. I ski mostly east coast with 1 trip out west each year.

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The 8ft was marketed to the advancing Intermediate skier.  It is a very easy going ski with good grip on eastern hardpack.  I beleive it is 72 or so underfoot so it will give you some mixed snow performance as well as on soft western snow, but that isn't its strong suit.  The 10ft or 12ft would be better suited for more mixed snow conditions as would an AC30 which has similar construction and is more all mountain oriented.


Good luck,


Rick G

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