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Snowbird or Solitude?

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Going to either snowbird or solitude over spring break, and still deciding. None of the maps have a very good closeup, and I was wondering who had more/ better terrain parks to offer. Snowbird looks more challenging as far as powder, because it has more bowls and almost every trail is a double black, i couldn't get a good look at the terrain park, so anyone that has has been to one, the other, or both, just looking for a description of the park.

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You don't go to either resort for the terrain park. Go to Brighton or Park City for that.


Snowbird is easily the more challenging of the resorts, has a much better lift system and much more vertical. It's the most difficult mountain in Utah and one of the best expert resorts in the country. Solitude has less crowds, more fresh tracks and I believe it's cheaper. Both resorts are good for powder and natural terrain, but don't believe the freestyle is anything but a third-level afterthought at either.

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Do either of them actually have a terrain park?  As some have said, "the whole mountain is a terrain park". 


My advice is that if you're staying in town, do a day at each and make up your own mind. If you're planning to stay slopeside, then Snowbird if you're an expert skier (so you can hit Alta next door) otherwise Solitude (so you can hit Brighton - plus anyone who's not an expert should avoid Snowbird).






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Thanks, and I am going over spring break so I was trying to avoid the crazy prices and huge crowds, so I am kinda ruling out park city, and by expert level, i can do powder and all but nothing real serious, and mougles aren't my favorite but staying in town sounds like a good option.

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sounds like Brighton would suit your needs, by far.

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Solitude and Snowbird are great for terrain and powder, but are two of the worst for terrain parks. I would mix it up and go to Brighton for park and the others for terrain and powder. However, brighton has good terrain as well and gets the same powder. Not sure where you're from, but if you don't get a lot of powder where you are, if storms hit while you're there, i would make teraain and powder a first priority. you can ski park anywhere. 

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Park should be the last thing on your mind at a resort with 500-600" of snow a year....

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Actually ...  I wouldn't mind practicing flips and spins into 500-600".

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Originally Posted by TheRusty View Post

Actually ...  I wouldn't mind practicing flips and spins into 500-600".

That's what airbags and foam pits are for! 

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  Go to Alta. You will be very happy. It's cheaper than Snowbird, no snow boards, and the best conditions.  

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^^ ...this is is a snowboarding forum...popcorn.gif

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