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 new member to this really helpfull site and would appreciate some help to make a proper choise!




27 years old, 155 lbs, 5.7 ft ( 70 kg, 174cm )


advanced level


Usually ski on groomers, will ski more off-piste next year


I'm a water and snow ski instructor from Greece ( yes we have some small mountains to ski also ), athletic built ( used to compete in other sport ), aggressive skier. I ski every year for about 40 days ( 10 days at bigger resorts, usually in Europe ). Unfortunately I have torn my ACL and meniscus and having surgery the following week, so ski season was short for me this year.


I own the rossignol radical 8x oversize skis (116- 68- 100), and want to buy a second wider all mountain skis next year. Since I'll ski after rehabilitation I'm looking for an all mountain ski that isn't so stiff. Some research I've made offered me some options like



blizzard bonafide 173


nordica steadfast 170


armada tst 174


blizzard kabookie 173


but since demo days in Greece are really rare and include just a few pairs I can only count on reviews. I know that these skis haven't so similar specs ( armada TST ) but I wanted to include a possible quiver. Any others I should look at?



Thanks !!