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super tired calf, sore toes -- form or boot problem?

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[Post originally started in ski gear, moving here with some extra info based on members' suggestions!]


Hi all, let me start by saying that this is my first ski season and reading these forums has been SUPER helpful for learning about gear and technique. Thanks for that!


Now, my issue. Today I got on the slopes and my left calf felt very tired, weak, and kind of achy, I could barely turn to the right. Every time I pushed down with the ball of the left foot to turn it hurt my calf. I called it a day after the one run. I'm wondering whether this is normal tiredness, a sign of something I'm doing wrong, or perhaps a poor boot fit? Two days ago I didn't ski and yesterday I did a group lesson which involved a fair amount of standing around and stopping to wait for people. Not sure if that's relevant. 


As I said this is my first season. I'm 35yo, 5'9", 165lbs in good physical shape. By recommendation here and elsewhere I got custom-fitted boots, size 24.5 Rossingol Experience 110 Sensor 3's. I also got custom inserts. My flipperfoot is short, very wide, and has a high arch, I wear 8 or usually 8.5 mens shoes. The fitter has blown out various parts over the last few weeks to accommodate my wide foot. He says he's done just about as much as he can do. Pulling the liner out of my left boot and measuring vertically I have about 13mm of room behind the heel, and when I do the horizontal test my pinkie toe and second toe are pushing firmly (not lightly) on the outside wall, as is the side of my big toe. 


I'm skiing 150cm Rossy Experience 78's (and ready to graduate to something longer).


Right foot, all good. But after 3 or so hours skiing my little and second toe on my left foot ache or sometimes go to sleep, and there is some soreness on the bottom of the foot on that side, call it the outer part of the ball of my foot. The left heel is a bit loose (I can probably raise it 1 or 2cm, can't do that on my right side). Not sure if the toe pain / boot fit is a separate issue, or the same as the calf pain and tiredness.


I'm very comfy on all the greens at deer valley and do lots of easy and moderate blues. I turn a lot on account of being new. I do favor stopping and slowing myself to that side, but not exclusively or anything. So far I've had pretty good instruction and am not in the back seat I don't think.


Any advice? In particular, might the boot issue be causing the calf issue? Or are they unrelated?


Thanks so much!


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Hi fritz,


It is normal when starting out in skiing to have an aversion to (any) steepness, this will move our center of mass to the back of the ski and boot.  I'm sure your instructor has noted that you want to pressure and absorb with the front of the boot (tongue against shin)


If your are injuring your calf muscle it sounds like you may be in the back seat at least at some point in your turns.  Get someone to video you as you ski by them and check out your stance.


By the way, your fore/aft "center of mass" (COM) is adjustable and may need to be moved/set in order to help you to ski in a more centered up position.



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