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Ski recommendation - California groomers

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New member and would appreciate feedback from people on two or 3 choices for me to try.  My background:


50 years old, 205 lbs, 6 ft 


Smooth groomers preferred, never in the back country.

Powder is probably something I would only ski in if it turned out to snow on the day I'm skiiing.


I took my daughters skiing at Diamond Peak in North Lake Tahoe and decided to demo a pair of Volkl RTM 84's and was just blown away at how easy it was to ski with.  I haven't skied in years and previously had Kastle's.  


Anyhow, I really want to get new skis and am researching different options.


My first choice would be the RTM 84 since I had such a good experience with them.  But I wonder if any of the newer skis would have impressed me just as much.


Other options that I am looking into are:


Rossignol Experience 88

Rossignol Experience 98

Blizzard 8.1

Dynastar Legend 85


Any others I should look at?  I would ski primarily California groomers, i.e. Heavenly, Norhtstar, Squaw, small local ones like Donner, Diamond Peak, Boreal, etc.  No moguls, just groomers, hard pack, crud and if I'm lucky a little pow.


Thank you!



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Welcome to Epic.  I'm a bit confused by what you want and where you want your skiing to go.  On one hand you say smooth groomers and powder only if it happens to snow while you're there but later you mention crud and some powder if you're lucky.  So what exactly do you plan to ski.  If all you really want and plan to ski is groomers you don't need 98mm underfoot and probably not even 90, in fact a standard carving ski would serve you well.  But, a carving ski is not going to be easy for you in anything more than a few inches of powder and may not do well in crud at all.  So, you need to decide what is important to you.  I just bought a new pair of skis and my criteria was about 90mm waist, camber, early rise tip, twin tip if possible, easy to handle in the steeps, bumps, trees, powder up to about 18", plow through crud and carve reasonably well.  The Nordica Steadfast met all those except that it isn't a twin tip.  If you want one ski to do it all or close to it, then everything on your list is option but you don't need 98mm underfoot.  The Nordica and Line Prophet 90 are two more skis that can pretty much do it all.  Bear in mind that none of these skis will be fabulous at any one thing, but they all do everything good enough to make them versatile and fun.

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Sorry for not being clearer.  I ski predominately close to Sacramento CA and Tahoe.  Usually when I do get a chance to get out, it is not snowing.  So when I say "powder only if it happens to snow", I meant I don't plan on skiing powder but on rare occasions when I do get a chance I would like to.  But it really need not be part of the equation.  Crud and smooth groomers sometimes go hand in hand from morning to afternoon.  So it can start nice and smooth but by midday or afternoon, it may get cruddy and then icy towards the end.


When I went yesterday it was icy and starting to turn slushy.  But that was not normal.  This winter has not been normal.


Thanks for any input or advice!



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We probably ski some of the same runs.  I usually can be found on the backside of Northstar zooming on the groomers.  From what I read is that you want a versatile frontside ski.  Most of your choices are in the mid-80mm category.  They should give you good grip on hard snow, but they will offer you versatility when the snow gets choppy or when there is a few inches of powder.


Add to your list:

Salomon Enduro 850 XT

K2 AMP Aftershock

Atomic Crimson Ti

Blizzard Magnum 8.7 (instead of the 8.1 for versatility)



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To the OP, as you're an intermediate, I don't think Rossi E98 would do much for you even though your size is pretty ideal. It's a ski that needs accurate input to ski well.

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