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Straight from the folks at The Start Haus:







Epicski Gathering /Start Haus Pizza & "Beverage" Night

Thursday 3/1/12 6:00-8:00

Party Night:

    *Pre-Order 2013 Skis and bindings at a discount

    *All 2012 Skis & Bindings (in inventory) @ “Pro-Price”

    *All  2012 Boots @ 20% off

    *Reps on hand to answer specific product questions

    * Play "Stump the Jim" (and hopefully receive some swag)


Food & Drinks:





Week Long Special:

    *Custom Footbed $149.00

    *Canting & Alignment $159.00

          *We suggest you make an appointment

    *Demos @ a special price of $20/Day for the Gathering Week

          *3 day MAX. (Sorry, not to be used as a week long rental)

    *Tuning Special: Your chance to experience the tunes that make Start Haus famous

          *$39.00 Regular tune (regularly $60.00)

                   *Sidewalls Planed

                   *Edge bevel

                   *Hand hot wax

          *$66.00 Tune & Stonegrind (Regularly $90.00)

                   *Above plus Stonegrind

                   *24 hour turnaround