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Originally Posted by zentune View Post  Hey guys, check out this vid...notice the skiers using long leg/short leg, rounded spine, hips driving, inclination, etc....Fun to watchwink.gif


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Yep, Looks like some great Canadian skiers with some great skiing eh!.....

Below is more. Dare to Compare.


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Dude...Giorgio Rocca is ITALIAN, eh...
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DUDE!!! K may not Canadian, Don't know. I carrier an ITALIAN last name and am Canadian, third gereration.

Great skiing anyway...

zentune---how is Hamilton MT these days? Did it grow anymore vertical? Is it really in Hamilton?


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Sorry...tryin to make a joke eh...guess it was bad. Hamilton has some 9000+ footers that can be fun smile.gif)
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Jamt wrote:


I wonder how you feel weightless and induce shovel edge pressure at the same time?


By opening the ankles during "pull back", the skier can apply enough pressure on the new shovel edges for them to hook up and start turning.  Obviously the ski needs to be tilted on edge etc. in order to be effective.  I didn't go "in depth" on all the movements, just commented on the basic "pull back" sequence that was repetitively described incorrectly by every post that discussed it. 


Gotta start by getting the basics right before trying to explain further.


Close the knees, open the hips and open the ankles simultaneously at the release in steeper natural terrain.  It takes commitment to float down the fall line during transition, but the payload is huge.



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Old school and new school, sometimes the same idea with results.

Go through the open door!!!!!!!

That is allow, the COM to fall inside the arc. Then catch it with your feet.

A moment of weightlessness. As small as it is remains during lateral extention. Or vertical if one were to jump.

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