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Okay. As it's been established that some of
you motorheads actually DO follow REAL
auto racing, be keeping a heads-up HERE
when next season rolls around. Be prepared
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ryan, have you been waxing skis without proper ventilation or is Michael planning to retire before next season? I'm afraid all Mika and Mclaren are going to see is a red paint job and red and white REAR spoiler.
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We'll talk after Melbourne, pal. <FONT size="1">

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I am working on plans to see the Indy F-1 race.
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Excellent! Wish I were but $$$ this year has
been for ski gear and ski trips. I'm hoping
for Indy 2002 (since I won't be in Salt Lake
for the Games.) Have been following testing
somewhat but won't be in racing blood till
near end of skiing. Curious as to Raikkonen,
who'll be driving for Sauber w/Heidfeld.
And what Button will show after a year in
his pocket.
Anyway, I'm out.
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Hey Luckster,

We're breakin' out the NEW MONSTER, the MP4-16. Check the MCLAREN website for more info.

EDIT: prepare to be DOMINATED!!!!!!!!!<FONT size="1">

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