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Five Minute Micro Review: $500 (!!!) Micro Review Zeal Goggles

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Zeal GPS Goggles


I was coming home from a medical conference in SLC where I was lecturing.  I rode te Salt Lake Express shuttle and had a relaxing ride down- I'm not a big fan of driving.  My ticket costs ~$50.00 each way.  Blaze and I went down for the weekend.  What an awesome time.  We saw a Jazz game and had a great father/son weekend.  We sat in the highest row in the place.  Nosebleed tickets were $17.00 at the end of the first quarter.


On the shuttle,I was surfing the iPhone furiously out of boredom.  I read Fark.com on occasion for a funny take on the news.  They had a link to this small piece about the Zeal GPS goggles.  A few weeks ago, I was able to Demo them out on the mountain.


Really fun.  However poor face fit, the lack of an adjustable viewing window and odd ball control menus kept me from really enjoying the goggles.


I thought the lens was great.  I skied the last 800 or so days in two pairs of Smith Goggles.  Smith Prodigy with a Platinum Mirror and a a pair of I/Os with the Red Sol-X lens.  I keep goggles a long time so the thought of an initial investment of $500 isn't that bad- if all of the features worked.  They eventually did but scrolling through the menus was difficult.  I'll admit I didn't read the directions, but I'm usually pretty good with computer stuff.  The interface was confusing.  Too many dead ends.  It wasn't easy to return to any of the primary menus


On the Bridger Gondola.  The scrolling menus are controlled by the three buttons.  They were temperamental and didn't work well, with or without gloves.  It had problems picking up a signal.




The little eyepiece wasn't adjustable.  I couldn't see it unless I put my thumb under the foam and tweaked the frame.  I had about five or six shop employees try them on- no dice- no one could see the display.  Frustrated, I had about 10 or so random tourist try them on at my boot bench- no luck.


I easily put them on 15 people and no one single person could see the display!  Sorry Zeal, buy I'd buy a pair of these in a New York Minute If I could see the viewing piece.  Probably a lot of skiers would.




However, the display was clean and bright.  I was a lot of fun with them.  This is a shot- the best I could get- about half way up the Bridger Gondola.  I never got far enough with the directions to see if I could download the information to Google Earth or another program. 


IMHO without a download feature, the GPS information is useless.




Holding my poles on one hand and tipping the Zeal goggle with my thumb or finger, I got them up to ~45 MPH.  I think.  My eyes were watering from the cold air and I was on my Atomic Atlases going fast and smooth


Currently not worth $500.00, but with a few improvements would make them really fun!

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Wait 2 or 3 years, they and their competitors will be going

for $150-175 ( with audio and that back up beeping noise[when you have clicked in and backing up from a ski rack]).

In those couple of years, the GPS/audio will be able to tell you (among other things), "Speed trap ahead!"

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These are cool for some people. I think most people just want goggles.

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I skied a day with a guy that had a pair.  The vertical feet function was right on, but the speed wasn't even close.  We were riding up a HSQ and it was reading 36mph. 

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