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Universal Wax as Storage Wax?

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I've tuned our alpine and cross country gear at home this year for the first time and have been quite pleased with the results. Unfortunately our season is going to come to a premature end and I'm wondering about storage wax. People on this forum seem to refer to a specialty type of wax. I'm just using a universal wax, and I'm wondering if melting on a layer of this wax, and then leaving it without scraping, will do the job of protecting the bases from drying out over the summer?

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If I'd done it the last two seasons, I'd have just used Toko Red.  As it was, I got lazy and didn't.  Skis were stored upright in the basement with the ends on cardboard or something to protect them from moisture.   When I decided in October I'd better start prepping them, I discovered they were fine.  There was a slight haze of wax leaching out of them, but some minimal brushing with a brash brush and they looked freshly waxed.  Still did three hot scrapes, and the pre-season wax build, but...I've decided that I at least don't need to worry about preseason storage wax.  I do wax my skis every 60k feet or sooner on average throughout the season, though, so they may just be responding to great treatment.  

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You don’t have to worry too much about polyethylene oxidizing, but you don’t want dirt and moisture getting into the bases or your edges rusting (even in relatively dry Lake Tahoe).   A really soft storage specific wax will probably permeate the bases easier, but chances are your well cared for skis won’t know the difference.   Most universal waxes should do.  If you do want a specific "base care" or "base freshener" wax now is a good time to shop...the President Day sales have begun.

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I've always used universal for storage.  Just scrape it down when you're ready to go next season.  If you have decent climate control (not nonono2.gifthe shed or garage) you don't really even need that if they will only be sitting for a few months.  After all, skis don't sit on the rack at ski shops or in warehouses slathered in storage wax right? 

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I also just use a standard universal wax for storage. Its worked great for me so far. 

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