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Salomon impact 100 cs

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My boot fitter has recommended these boots for me. I am a former hard charger that has taken 10 years off to raise my family (5 kids in 10 years) and I am buying everything new ( skis, boots, bindings). I am @ 5'8" and presently @ 215 lbs, but am intending on getting back to my fighting weight of 180 by next season. I like to ski trees, bumps, steeps, wide groomers at speed etc.. My boots I had stolen were some 2001 Atomics ( I don't remember the name but they were silver and blue and were a step down from the Atomic red and silver race boot). I believe that they were a 120 flex. What are the downfalls of a 100 flex boot? I have a wide foot, my feet generally felt like there was a knife rammed into the fore side, whenever I was on a steep, challenging pitch (like Grouse Mt at Beaver Creek). The boot fitter recommended the cs because he can easily expand the fore foot to accommodate my foot. I just worry that a 102 or 104 width, with a 100 flex will actually make them flex lower. I do like comfort, but will this set up compromise energy transfer in this boot? I over analyse everything, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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trust your boot fitter.


but if you are worried about 100 being too soft (and it might be for your size) why not order the 120?



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Thanks for replying!  I guess that my thought was to save my shins from the pounding.  The Salomon site said that they provide forward softness without compromising lateral rigidity.  I guess I'm hoping to have my cake and eat it too, with comfort without losing performance.  You guys are on top of these technologies, and I wanted an impartial person to give me the real scoop.  Sounds like my guy knows his stuff, so next weekend when I buy them, I'll discuss the flex with him.  Thanks again!

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