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lube question

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I thought there was a topic on lube, but I can't find it (not that I looked ALL that hard).

Anyway, my front suspension, which uses a coil-over shock, similar to most rear shocks, was squeaking like mad, until about my 3rd stream crossing on Saturday. As I recall, some of you said not to use standard industrial lubes, like WD40, because it messes up the seals (please don't blow seals, what did they ever do to you? . It also doesn't seem like the mud-shedding chain and gear stuff (white lightening, etc) would work on pivots and shocks. What should I use for my pivots and shocks to keep them moving freely and from squeaking?
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I like Tri-Flow.
It won't collect dirt. I threw away WD-40.

Sail and Ski!
Look for crud, it makes u better.
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You don't have an answer to a bike question? I'm apalled! You're supposed to be our guru of biking!

The manual doesn't make any suggestions. But I think they do have a web site with a forum to ask questions. If I get nothing from them, I'll go the the LBS's and get recs.

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John H,

My best friend and riding buddy has a K2 Proflex with the Noleen front shock. I discussed the squeaking problem with him and he has the same service issues. He suggested the following.

First get good high quality white lithium bike grease. Then one at a time loosen the Allen bolts to front hinge assembly and inject the grease until it overflows the cavity. Then tighten up the bolts up and wipe off the excess grease. He says that this should do it.

He indicated that you should not have any squeaking from the front shock. If you still have squeaking check your shock assembly because he has never had to lube the shock assembly even after riding at the 24hrs of Snowshoe. There may be a seal problem if your front shock is squeaking. He has never has to lube the shock itself and he has had his two years.

Hope this helps. Keep cranking. How is the knee coming along?

Later, Peace and Out.
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Thanks, Fast1.

I guess it could be the pivots/hinges just as easily as it could be the shock shaft. The maintenance manual has all of the instructions on lubing the pivots. So I guess I'll do that. No that I think about all of the parts up there, it could also be the coil spring. I guess I'll just grease everything up.
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I don't know. I haven't seen it yet. I invited him to ride with me and a few others at Avalon this weekend, but his bikey is still bwoken ;( (see if that get's him out!) . Our climbs might be short, but they're muddy, thick, and have 6-12" pieces of lumber, logs and rocks to try to get over while you are halfway through the climb. I'm no longer NOT making it because of my lungs, but because I can't keep enough momentum to get over them. I'm tempted to stop at the the bottom, get in my middle ring, and see if I can get up it with some speed. If I don't do an uphill endo, I'll probably explode my lungs.

When I rode last saturday, I got up there, and there was a race going on. If I didn't have stuff to do at home, I might have stayed and entered it. I ended up riding about 3/4 of my ride on the race course, going the opposite direction (they are not allowed to close the trails to the public during a race). As I watched people pass, I wondered what class I should enter, if I ever do enter a race. I don't think I should be a beginner (the beginners were going while I was out there), because I saw a number of them just standing there sucking wind, and generally moving pretty slowly. But I've never raced before, and I'd be hesitant to enter a higher class because I got the impression that I'm not in that league (although I think my bike is). Is there a general standard for the different classes, and what are the different classes for entering a race?

PS, in Gill's defense, I think the honey-do list is getting long, because he has ridden a lot this summer, I think.


Gonz, I found www.avalonracing.com and they show age groups for 18 and under, 19-29, 30+ and 40+, and classes for beginner, sport, expert and pro. So it sounds like I could enter a 30+ sport bracket and be fairly competitive. They don't have the results posted yet, bet when they do, I can check out the times, and that will give me a better clue, since I know the trail they took pretty well, and how long it should take me to ride it, (I think, because I always ride it the opposite direction).<FONT size="1">

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Honey-do list!!! Ha, ha, ha, that's a good one! Pretty accurate too. Yep, it's true. I've been neglecting my homeowner duties to ride a bit too much this summer and it's catching up with me. Hopefully, this next weekend will get me back into good graces with the wifey and I'll be back riding soon.

JohnH, if your stamina has improved over when we rode together, I think you'd do well in sport class. You definitely have the bike handling skills. Have fun this weekend! I wish I could go.

Gonz, the bike isn't a total sled. Although, I think I'm headed in that direction. I'm still waiting on the new front forks (2001 Marzocchi Jr T.), but I got the new BETD swing link in and I'll be slapping that sucker on as soon as my bike gets out of the hospital. The riding out here has been quite dry for the past several weeks (no major rain) so most of the trails are in fantastic condition (although there are some trails that never seem to fully dry out). Hopefully, once I've made these modifications, I'll stop breaking stuff. I've been dying to get out there and ride, but it seems like one thing after another is conspiring to prevent my rides.
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I have NOT been able to find Lizard Skins, except for reviews on MTBR. My LBS's don't carry anything other than front shock boots, and the on-line retailers I went to didn't carry them. I did, however, cure the squeak. I sprayed all of my pivots/hinges with my teflon lube. Then I sprayed some on my finger and rubbed it on the shock shaft. That seemed to do the trick. I didn't want to use anything that was patroleum based, because I know that stuff doesn't do well with rubber, and if there are any rubber seals/gaskets in my shock, I didn't want to damage them.

I ahd a good ride on Saturday. great weather, if not a bit cool (55 degrees). I endo'd a creek crossing again. The same damn one. My front tire fits right in those rocks, and doesn't wat to come out. I've bonked it about half of the times I've gone through it. This time was especially fun because it was cold out, and I landed butt first in 6-8 inches of water with my bike on top of me. It was a cold, wet day after that!
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Hey JohnH,

Try here: http://www.aardvarkcycles.com/suspen...cessories.html

I think they run around $9.00 or so. I bought some a while back but still haven't had a chance to test them out.
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Thanks, Gill!
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Been living life vicariously. I have been in trial for two weeks straight and have not been on my bike for the same period of time. I will miss two great rides this week and one is a night ride.

Later, Peace and Ride!!!!!!!
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Hi folks!
I had very good experiences with Rockshox Deo (Brunox)and Neoval as a replacement of WD 40. I put a little bit after each ride under my shockboots and on the piston of my rear suspension oil dampener. When very dirty,I compress the springs and wipe away the dirt and the oil before I apply again some of the Deo (is good to keep the seals smooth, protects the hardened glide surface of piston and fork& also smells nice ). If unpleasant sounds come out of the links of the rear suspesnion system of my RM Element Race (very very seldom - although I have to ride a lot in mud in wintertime in Germany) I open the links, clean them and apply a thin layer (not too much!!) Finishline Teflon grease before I put it Together again. Make sure to use some loctite to secure the screws and that no teflon grease went on the thread of the screws(and no loctite went into your links )
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i use grape jelly or a good shampoo. you shouldn't use vasaline because it is oil based and can cause chaffing. don't use rasberry jelly either. the seeds are extremely painful. if you are concerned with pivoting, go for the shampoo, just add water every once in a while to kept it slick. good luck!
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